JASR + Raleigh week

Helloooo strangers! I’m sorry for falling off the map since last week. I have a feeling it’s going to continue in the near future. In order for me to write, I need to be inspired. And I guess the month of March has taken a toll on my inspiration. I’ve been busy with school, work + truthfully just life in general. Don’t take it personal, I love you guys. I just may be here less frequently than I had originally hoped. I hope you don’t forget about me in the meantime.

This past Saturday was my last long run of training, the Just a Short Run 8.1 miler. I ran this race last year, with plans on completing the half, but had to drop down to the 8.1 mile distance due to a knee injury. So I already knew what to expect course wise. As far as my performance, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that the weather was going to be in the 60s, which I wasn’t a super fan of.


Showing off my mentor status!

Myself, Jessie & Steff hosted a #WeRunSocial meet up before the race & I got to meet some of the other ladies in the Pittsburgh running social community! Loved meeting all of you ladies, hope to see you around in the future!


My family. ❤

The race started at 8:35am. I’ll keep this short & sweet, but the first 3 miles were great: 11:56 (huge uphill), 11:16, 11:15.

The next 3 miles were still good: 11:45, 12:01, 11:42

The last 2 miles I slowly broke down: 12:29, 12:32

Disappointed is an understatement. I wasn’t planning on racing, but the paces in the first half of the race felt good, so I wanted to continue with those paces. But the sun came out & the humidity completely got to me. I thought I was going to vomit at multiple moments during those last 2 miles. When I saw Jessie & Rachel right before the finish line, I truly didn’t even think I was going to be able to run myself in. But I gathered up some good vibes from the girls & finished.


For sure wasn’t what I was expecting, but oh well. On to the next one.

After the race, Jessie & I caught up over coffee.


So all – it’s Raleigh week. I fly out to Raleigh on Saturday & the race in Sunday morning, starting at 7am. The weather doesn’t look good on Sunday running wise. The high is 74, mostly sunny skies. As far as what it’ll be at 7am, I’m not sure. I’m not going to lie – I’m incredibly worried. After how I performed in the weather at JASR, I don’t know what to expect for this. I guess I’m just going to have to do the best I can – which means upping my water intake this week + packing some salt tabs to take before the race. Wish me luck. Can’t wait to update you when I get back.

Enjoy your week, friends!

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Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Training – Week 11

I can’t say this is much of a “training” recap as it is just a weekly recap. I only work-out once during the week… But this training recap series is shortly coming to an end because my race is in 13 days! After that – I will try to stick to regularly weekly recaps & some other fun posts as well.


March has been totally slow in the fitness department. At least in my opinion. I know I seem to talk about this every week, but it’s something I’m mentally struggling with. When essentially I only have 2 days to run, it kind of works on my brain a little.

Monday – EFX as usual. I came home to a package from Legend Compression Wear – a pair of compression socks & they are super comfy! I couldn’t wait to try them out on a run.

Tues + Weds – Class

Thursday – Although I needed to run on Thursday evening, I needed to take my Anatomy exam. As I’ve always said, school comes first. Thanks to Jessie, she gave me the idea of making up a little workout while I took my exam. Here it is below:


It actually turned into a half decent exercise. There was 60 questions in the exam, so I got in a decent amount of squats & jumping jacks! Also noteworthy: a couple of months ago I couldn’t even do a 30 second plank. I was shaking & my lower back was always killing me by second 20. Well, guess who can do a 1 minute plank no problem now? Your girl. Thanks to EFX for getting me stronger!

Friday – Happy St. Paddy’s day! Who had green beer? I opted for a green margarita + tacos!


Saturday – I had 10 miles on the schedule since Raleigh is so close. I hadn’t done a long run in a couple weeks so I knew this probably wasn’t going to be great. The first 8 miles went fine! It was a slightly humid but nothing horrible. After the 8th mile, I was definitely getting sore. My hips, my hamstrings & my glutes were killing me! I’m hoping that in between now & Raleigh I can get some good consistent runs in so that I can feel a little better come race day. I tried out the compression socks I got earlier in the week & loved them! They’ll be coming with me to Raleigh.

10 miles

Saturday evening was my Painting with a Twist fundraiser for the ALS Association. I had 33+ people come out to support & it was SUCH a fun night! I did a 50/50 raffle & I raffled off two pairs of Pirates tickets. In raffle ticket sales, I raised $198! I’m waiting on the final headcount from Painting with a Twist, but if I had 33 people, I will have raised $165! Estimated total raised: $363!! Totally thrilled.

bob rossin


Sunday – I had every intention of waking up early & running a short recovery run, but I was exhausted & I was a little sore from my long run. I decided to give my body the rest it needed. In the afternoon, I headed to my friend Jenn’s bridal shower where I ate way too much & got to celebrate her wedding which is in just over a month! I got home sometime in the late afternoon & couldn’t do anything else but lay on the couch the rest of the day!

How was everyone else’s week? I’m sorry these recaps aren’t on point this training season! I truly am doing the best I can with what I got!


I have a dream…


… to never “work” a day in my life

… to help others who struggle

… to continuously better myself

… to always be the bright light

… to be someone’s bright light

… to own a home someday soon

… to graduate college

… to wear workout clothes every day

… to help someone who is just starting their journey

… to find peace within myself

… to keep and form only positive, fulfilling relationships

… to be a good sister, daughter, & friend

… to be a personal training wellness and fitness coach

… to make a lasting impression

… to be a motivational speaker & share my story

… to be financially stable

… to be more patient , with life & others

… to consistently create goals

… to live & love with purpose

❤ C

Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon: Week 10

My schedule is so wacky this semester, I feel like I’m having a hard time getting runs in. But in reality, I’m doing the best I can. I get most of my mileage over the weekend because that’s just how the week pans out – so even though during the week I feel like a slob kabob, I’m usually working my buns off on the weekend.

I switched my week to start on Monday instead of Sunday because truthfully, I just prefer it that way.

week 10

Monday – I went to my usual EFX class. I worked my ass off in this class – I had had a stressful day & I was taking it out on my workout! It felt amazing & I was dripping sweat by the end of the hour. I’m so excited to continue working out at FASTER. It’s truly become my favorite new workout!

Tues + Weds – class

Thursday – It was a beautiful day & I knew that snow was coming & that I wanted to enjoy the weather before it got shitty again. I headed out to the Panhandle Trail for 4 miles. I haven’t been here in a super long time, but running on the crushed limestone was good for my legs. I ran into Katie towards the end which was so nice!

Friday – I woke up Friday to a few inches of snow on the ground & a neck spasm. I’m starting to get really tired of my neck being in pain. Neck spasms started about 4 years ago for me & at first I was even going to PT for it. Essentially, my posture is so terrible & my neck is so weak that if I’m not properly supported in bed or I move the wrong way in bed, I’ll get a spasm. This is the 3rd one since the beginning of the year so something isn’t right. I’m going to have to go back to the chiropractor in hopes he can help me!

For lunch a few coworkers & I went to the Milkshake Factory & it was divine. It was my first time & I was not disappointed at all! It’s kind of pricey, but as a treat every so often it’s perfect. I had the cookie dough brownie – but there were so many amazing sounding flavors to choose from!

Saturday – Since I hurt my neck, I took the day off. I laid in bed til around 10:30am & when I finally got around to getting up, I made some coffee & went back to sleep until noon-ish. Slob Ka-bob, ya’ll. Honestly, I’ve been go go go since before my birthday & I let my body get the rest it needed. I headed to the grocery store in the afternoon (where it was SO busy) & I got a pot roast to make for a few days of lunches next week. As I’m writing this, it’s cooking now & it smells amazing!

Sunday – I met up with Joanna for 6 miles. It went by so fast, we had some great conversations & the weather was cold, but manageable. I dressed perfectly, only taking my gloves off (which always happens, my hands warm up so fast).

I know that even though my schedule is making me feel like I’m not working that hard, I know that I’m doing the best I can with what I’m given. I have 2 more months in the semester, then I start online classes. Although I will still be so busy with classes, it will give me the flexibility of making my own schedule. I have been feeling some type of way about not getting any speed work into my schedule, but I frankly don’t have time for it. And since I’m not training for a PR, it’s also probably not a big deal.

How did everyone’s week go? I have 3 wks until my half! WOO! How long til the race you’re training for?

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Friday Five 3.10.17

This week was kind of blah, in all honesty. My mood has been less than stellar, work has been stressful, & I’ve just been all around not feeling too great. So even though I don’t have many favorites from the week, I am forcing myself to find 5 things that I enjoyed. Because, positivity.

friday five blog

1. Thank God for Discover Weekly on Spotify. I found William Singe & he does all of these amazing R&B covers. I’m obsessed. My two favorites: Work and Hotline Bling but truthfully they’re all so good.

2. I got out of class early twice this week. My Anatomy 2 professor wasn’t in the mood for lab (neither were we) & my Public Speaking professor only ever keeps us an hour. So I was able to come home & relax a little catching up on some TV. It is so nice having teachers that don’t keep you until 9:30pm.

3. Survivor started on Wednesday night! I haven’t watched all the seasons religiously, but this one is called “Game Changers” & it’s basically all-stars of people who have played before. I always find that exciting because these players have a history with the game & with the others. 500 episodes! I can’t believe it’s been on for so long.


4. The weather has been super beautiful in the afternoons this week. Comfortable temperatures & blue skies. That will quickly change this weekend – as we’re supposed to get a couple inches of snow. Just in time for my 8 mile long run on Saturday. Womp, womp.

5. Okay, so this isn’t this week BUT daylight savings is this SUNDAY!!! Which means more daylight after work. I absolutely cannot wait. I will finally feel like a normal human being again! And the fact that I’ve woken up every day this week to the sun & birds chirping has just been simply fantastic.

There, I did it! It wasn’t easy. But, 5 favorite, good things that happened this week. What about you guys? Happy Friday!

My Favorite Hidden Ways to Work Out

Spring is just around the corner (or has it been here since the beginning of February?) & the weather is going to start being great again. It got me thinking of other ways besides running to get out there & get a good sweat in!

Running is not for everyone, but that’s not an excuse or a reason to not find other ways to get off the couch & burn some calories. My favorite kind of work outs are the ones where I don’t realize I’m working out, amiright? Here are a few of my favorite hidden ways to move:

  • Rock climbing
  • Trampoline park
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Roller blading
  • Yoga (take your mat outside when it’s nice out!)
  • Biking
  • Laser tag

You’re probably thinking… laser tag?! Yup. There’s even fitness benefits there. Although most places you’re not allowed to run, it’s still good cardio because you’re moving fast & your heart races from the adrenaline! You’re also doing a lot of crouching down & behind corners & walls (squats, anyone?) I know I’m always a sweaty mess after a few games!

Do I have any Florida readers out there? I stumbled upon CQ Tactical Laser Tag facility (okay, I’m fibbing, my brother is the GM. I may be biased, but the stellar reviews on Facebook don’t lie!) when I was down visiting my brother last summer. I had never experienced anything like it!


The general set up is there are two teams, and there are 12 different team based missions available inside and outside (yep! There’s even an outdoor course – where you can run!) They run birthday parties, corporate events, and they’re even open late. Taken from their website, “No matter your age or experience, you’ll be working as a member of a squad….devising and executing a plan to accomplish your mission within the time limits.  You and your squad members need to stay alert, while moving from room to room, avoiding obstacles and taking enemy fire every step of the way.” How fun does that sound?! You play for a solid 90 minutes & these games can get pretty intense. Cardio, some muscle work, & adrenaline pumping… sign me up.


I had to put my brother in here – he’s in the front 🙂 #proudsister

What are some of your favorite hidden ways to get in a workout? Share ’em here, let’s get a big list going! And if you’re ever in the Tampa, FL area.. check out CQ Tactical Laser Tag  & get your sweat on having fun!

Weekly Recap – Wk 9 + Wine Country

Happy Monday!! I’m here with a huge recap for ya’ll. Not so much fitness wise, but this past weekend I was up in wine country in NY with my girlfriends & had a blast! As far as fitness went, I only got in 5 miles, but I was able to get in 2 EFX classes so I was pleased with myself! And look at that – almost 100 miles for 2017 so far! SO EXCITING.



Friday Jessie, Katie, Rachel & myself left the city around 9:30am – we hit some pretty snowy weather heading up 79, & apparently just missed a 20 car pile up on the way out. Luckily, by the time we hit NY, it was just snow squalls & I wasn’t as nervous! Super glad I drive a CR-V now! We got into town around 2:30pm & checked into our beautiful hotel, Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel!

After checking in, we walked over to Graft Wine + Cider Bar

We had a great waiter here, Jake, who pressured me into picking a Pandora station since I was the birthday girl..

Saturday – We hit up 10 wineries between 10am-5pm!

Our first stop, JR Dill Winery. Nice people, wasn’t a huge fan of the wine, so I didn’t buy anything here. The view was nice though..

Next up was Atwater Vineyards. Nice atmosphere, beautiful view, would love this place in the summer time since they had a nice patio. Their wine was delicious! I came home with the 2014 Riesling.


Bagley’s Poplar Ridge Vineyards was by far my favorite winery of the bunch. The wine was delicious & the people there were so entertaining. “Pecker Head Red” is a wine, & when mixed with “One Eyed Cat”, it becomes “One Eyed Pecker”. Hell. Yes. I came home with the “Busty Blanc”.

Of course I had to buy the magnet: “Classy + Tipsy = This Girl” !


Next up was Lucky Hare Brewing, which was by far my favorite brewery. I had their “Blonde Moment” which is a coffee blonde – a lighter beer but with the taste of coffee & it was absolutely amazing. I’m racking my brain about how I can get it here in PA. Best part? It was released on my birthday. The girl here, Hannah, was super great, had fun with us & even gave us recommendations for other places, including lunch.


Then we had lunch at the Elf in the Oak for lunch by recommendation & it was really good. I had the beef + cheddar on a pretzel roll & it was divine.

Hazlitt Winery was our next stop after lunch. This place was a tad busier, but I still felt the service for the tasting was good. We got to get in on a chant with the rest of the tasting room, which was pretty fun here. I ended up coming home with two 4 packs of their “Cider Tree”.


On our way back from Hazlitt’s, we stopped off on the side of the road to get pictures of this really beautiful waterfall.


Then I wanted to stop by the dock that was behind our hotel for some pictures. It was so, so windy on Saturday that the water was so choppy & was actually splashing up on the dock! It was freezing, but I knew the pictures would be worth it!


Heading up the left side of the lake, our first stop was Lakewood Vineyards. This was a super beautiful venue, I had their Niagara wine at dinner the evening before so I knew I wanted to stop here. The guy giving us the tasting was funny & knew his stuff. I came home with “Abby Rose”.


Per a recommendation from “Captain Chris” at Lakewood, we stopped by Miles Wine Cellars to see Evan. This winery sits right on the lake, so I bet in the summer it’s gorgeous. Evan was great – the best place about here was that we got to keep our tasting glass. I came home with “Long Weekend”.


Our last stop of the day was Castel Grisch. Beautiful venue, the guy working was nice. It’s pretty off the beaten path!


After our day of wine tasting, we needed some food! Within walking distance of our hotel was Nickel’s BBQ. Good food! But probably too heavy after everything we did all day. I had the brisket sandwich & jalapeno mac & cheese which was delicious.

Sunday we got up early & headed home – it was sunny & clear. As much fun as I had, I was so glad to be home! But it’s a weekend I won’t soon forget.

I haven’t laughed so hard in so long & the entire weekend was so easy going & relaxing. I have had this birthday celebration planned for almost 6 months & I can’t believe it’s come & gone – it’s cheesy but I had so much fun writing this recap because I had an incredible time! Thanks to the 3 ladies that joined me in celebrating 28 🙂 Ya’ll are true gems & I couldn’t ask for better friends. XO ❤

PS: 4 more Sunday’s until Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon!!!

currently | march

February flew by! I know it’s a short month, but dang! I’m excited to get into March though – it means my race plans are super close!



Planning: All the race things! I have 2 half marathons & a Ragnar coming up in the next month-3 months so I’m making sure all of my ducks are in a row.

Listening to: As I’m writing this, the Burlesque soundtrack is on. Love love love this movie.

Drinking: Always the Nuun! And I’m not just saying that because I’m an ambassador. I really do drink it all the time.

Watching: Ugh, the TV watching has been kind of boring lately. I watched Twister the other night (RIP Bill Paxton<3) & I’ve been keeping up with Teen Mom 2 & The Challenge. Whatevs, don’t judge me.

Eating: Still trying to get my diet under control. I was doing better but yesterday we had a pot luck for Fat Tuesday & I ate all the things. Mmm.

Looking forward to: My girls trip to the Finger Lakes this weekend! I’ve never been, but I’m really excited to explore a new place.

Loving: The idea of warm weather coming.

February goal recap:

  • No Dunkin/Starbucks for the entire month. – I tried. It worked for maybe 2 weeks. I got a lot of DD & Sbux gift cards for my birthday, so I used them.
  • Put at least $200 in savings – Not done. Unfortunately, with me paying for upcoming trips, I had to put the extra money aside for that.
  • Stay present & enjoy every weekend of February with my friends/family. – Yes! I’m happy to say I did this.
  • Read one book + meditate 10 minutes every evening. – I am nearly finished with “The Shack”. And I didn’t get to the meditation part.


March goals:

  • Put at least $200 in savings
  • Stay consistent with running mileage (I’d like to get in 55 miles!)


What are you currently up to? What are your goals for March?

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Week 8 Recap + Spring Thaw 10 Miler 

Let me take you all the way back to last Sunday! This week was a super busy one. I made so many plans for my birthday week so I was booked solid.



Sunday – I met up with what has become my normal Sunday group with Jennifer, Joanna & Jamie. Jennifer & Joanna were working on 10 miles, so I met them for their second 5 mile portion. It was absolutely beautiful out! Shorts & a short sleeved shirt were worn.



Monday – I had dinner plans after work @ Bakersfield on Penn downtown. Their tacos are delicious! And their margaritas are top notch.

Tuesday – I had Anatomy 2 class & we had a really cool lab! We did blood typing. I already knew I was A negative, but it was really cool to know what the test was like. I took a picture of it – the far left granulation when mixing your blood & the anti agent shows that I’m an A. And because of no granulation on the far right shows I’m negative. Nerd Alert! I love this stuff.


Wednesday – Public speaking class. My speech went off without a hitch. Definitely a good way to start my birthday days off.

Thursday – Our local weatherman tweeted me in the morning (he’s really active in the community, such a great guy!) telling me to enjoy the 74 degree weather he called out for my birthday on Friday. Thanks Scott!

On Thursday I had a couple of appointments, then I met my friend Tara out in Lawrenceville for the Harry Potter event! The butterbeer was delicious & I got sorted into House Slytherin. I also got a psychic reading! We had a lot of fun. We had dinner at Industry afterwards – it was a great girls night out!


Friday – I turned 28. I woke up to the most amazingly, beautiful 75 degree weather. I left the house wearing shorts & I just had to document it! I got my oil changed, got a reflexology massage, then a pedicure. I came home afterwards to take a nap & then I met Jessie for dinner & drinks. All in all, for the second year in a row, it felt just like any other day. But I assume that’s what it feels like to get older. I had a great day regardless! 🙂 I’ll always love my birthday.

Saturday – Spring Thaw 10 miler started at 10am. There are 3 distances: 10, 15 & 20 miles. One loop around the lake is 5 miles so I was in for 2 loops around. This is my second year in a row doing this race. Last year was absolutely freezing! This year the wind was definitely chilly, but temps were in the 40s. It wasn’t my best performance, but I finished in 2 hours which is just fine by me. Towards the end, it started getting kind of humid so I had some trouble breathing. The last 2ish miles was where I started to struggle. Probably because I hadn’t ran at all this week & hadn’t done any cross training. I definitely need to focus more on my workouts from now until my races. I want to be able to finish strong & not hurting too much!

Jessie + I, Legend Compression Wear ambassadors 🙂

Joanna, me, Jennifer, Gretchen, Chelsea before the race

10 mile finisher 🙂

Did you race this weekend? How many weeks left in your training plan? Did you have unseasonably warm weather where you are?

28 things I’ve learned in 28 years

Today I turn 28. How my life has changed over the years, even from just a year ago. I don’t even recognize the person I was when I was 18. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I never lived my old life. But, I did. And because of the person I was, I turned into the person I am. I try not to look back in the past, but I will always remember where I came from. My life has been so blessed these 28 years. Thank you to those that I love & who love me for making my life wonderful ❤


In celebration of my 28th, I created a list of the 28 things I’ve learned in 28 years.

1. Don’t let your Mom clean your room & do your laundry until you move out of her house. You’ll have a hard time doing it when you live on your own.

2. Putting money towards a Flex Spending Account for health expenses should absolutely be done.

3. Coffee is the nectar of life.

4. Spend time with your grandparents while they’re still around. You won’t have forever.

5. Get your car’s oil changed on a regular basis. If you don’t, your transmission with blow. (fun times).

6. It’s okay not to go to college right after high school. Most people have no idea what they want to do at 18 years old.

7. Don’t move in with a boyfriend when you’ve only been dating for a month.

8. Sometimes bad things happen, but better times are coming.

9. Learn to pick your battles.

10.  Having a mental illness does not mean you’re broken.

11. God listens & answers my prayers in his own way, even if I don’t think he is.

12. You can’t love someone else without learning to love yourself first.

13. Happiness is not a destination. I can create it at any time.

14. Your sibling(s) will grow up to be your best friend.

15. If you let yourself, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

16. Don’t get a tattoo just “because I want to.” Bad idea.

17. Not everyone has the best intentions for you, or your best interest at heart. Learn to figure out who does.

18. Always strive to be the best employee in your department. Hard work doesn’t always go unnoticed.

19. Don’t be a gossip queen (or king). No one will trust you. And it’s not cute.

20. Parents really are always right.

21. Positivity invites more positivity. Everyone needs a bright light in their life.

22. Spending a few days a week exercising will change your life forever.

23. Fall in love with your life. Set goals. Crush those goals. Give your life meaning. It’s the only way to live a fulfilling life.

24. Whatever you’re doing, be present in the moment.

25. It’s okay to still be single while all of your other friends are getting married/having babies. Your time will come. (Still learning this one).

26. Always stay hopeful.

27. Doing well in school is incredibly rewarding.

28. Life is hard. It’s tough. But it’s also really amazing. Everything really does happen for a reason.