It’s not what you get, it’s what you become.

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m still working on getting to my goal weight by April (Cruise week!) so, with each blog I’m going to post a CW (current weight) & always list my GW (goal weight) .. just for record keeping purposes. πŸ™‚

CW: 177
GW: 165

Half marathon training doesn’t start for another month & a half, but that doesn’t mean that I get to slack until then. Right now, I’m working on increasing my mileage by a quarter of a mile each week. Generally, I run the same mileage for a few days, then I’ll see how I feel by upping it a little. Today was the first day I got to run outside in over a week & boy did it feel amazing! The Montour Trail in Robinson is always my go-to place.. but I did switch it up a little. I parked farther down the trail & ran a different direction. I loved the new scenery! For the first 2 miles, I ran against the wind, so I had some trouble.. but overall, I did well. I started out the run wearing a light jacket, an ear warmer & gloves. By the time 3.75 miles was over, I was only wearing a short sleeved shirt, & I had gotten rid of my gloves & ear warmer! I’m still finding out how to dress on certain days. It was around 38 degrees when I started the run, but as time went on, I bet the temperature rose a good 5 degrees & the sun came out.

Running outside made me feel grateful. During the week, if I’m unable to find anyone to run with after work, I have to resort to the treadmill. While I didn’t mind it before, I’m going to hate it now! You can’t beat running outside in the fresh air with the beautiful scenery!

I can’t believe I’m almost up to 4 miles. Every time I run, I realize I truly am capable of running a half marathon! It’s all mind over matter, & I decided on a motto for my half marathon training…

“Suffer now & live forever as a champion.” πŸ™‚



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