Turkey Trotting 2014

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving, which comes in close second to my favorite day of the whole year (below my birthday, of course). For a couple of months my close friend Kristin & I had planned on running Pittsburgh’s annual Turkey Trot 5k. I was so excited to be a part of this tradition! I hurt my leg in the last week or so, not sure what it is, but I really increased my speed the last few runs prior to this & I think I over did it. Before the race on Thursday, I hadn’t ran since the previous Friday in hopes of healing my leg. Let me tell you, it was the most miserable week of my life! I never want to not run again. Thursday morning my leg still somewhat hurt, but I felt like I could make it through the race. My coach told me this wouldn’t be a PR race anyways, since over 7000 people were registered.

I had so much fun running this race! We went over two bridges & had such a beautiful view of the city. I really enjoyed myself. Even with an injured leg, I managed to PR anyways 🙂

My first 5k was on 10/18/14 & I finished in 38:29.

I completed the Turkey Trot 5k on 11/27/14 in 37:49. I have two races next weekend, so I’m hoping to do even better then 🙂


Ciara ❤

Newbie Runner Girl


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