Trotting for the Tots!

Is there such a thing as a race hangover? Holy crap, I feel like I spent an entire night out drinking. After yesterday’s PR, I was not expecting much from this race. I kept telling everyone all I wanted to do was finish! Everyone was there from the group I run with, & it was so good seeing everyone! I have never met a more genuine, motivating group of people in my life. Each of them is so amazing. I am so thankful for them. My poor friend Kristin has a stress fracture, but she came out to support me regardless, which made me so happy.

Within the first half mile, I knew I made the mistake of running two races back to back… my legs were killing me! This was also a flat course; out & back on the panhandle trail. I obviously much more prefer a flat course 🙂 As the race went on, it only got worse. My stomach was upset & I was shaking from the exertion.. but my legs had stopped hurting. There were a few times I didn’t think I was going to make it. I stopped to walk for about 5 seconds twice, but once I saw the finish line, I told myself “There will be no more stopping!” As I’m running towards the finish line, I see my friends yelling my name, & telling me I’m about to PR.. I see the clock.. 32 mins & some change.. I thought “OMG, is that really what that says?!” I sprinted across the finish line at 32:58… WOW!! Once inside, I checked my final time.. 32:50 & 10:34/mi. I have NEVER EVER ran that fast in my life!! The course was apparently .1 short, so technically I would’ve finished in 34:10, but that’s still almost a full minute off of yesterday’s time! Afterwards, I was sore & exhausted.

Currently I run in Nike Zoom Pegasus 30’s.. I love them. They have never given me any pain whatsoever, so currently I’m looking into another pair of Pegasus’.. I think I should probably stick with what works 🙂

I’ve been relaxing all day long, I honestly feel as if a truck hit me.. so tonight will be a muscle relaxer & Aleve kind of night. I just popped in my favorite Christmas movie.. “The Santa Clause”. Have a wonderful week friends & fellow running enthusiasts 🙂 I am so happy to be a part of your community.



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