Day 1: Complete!

Hi Readers!!

Today was my first day back running in almost 2 weeks in hopes of allowing my leg to heal. Half Marathon training technically began last Saturday, but this was my first day. I’m happy to say.. Day 1 COMPLETE!! 4.1 miles felt fantastic. We ran through the Southside in Pittsburgh, which was a little harder than I anticipated due to running on sidewalks (which I’m not used to) & trying not to twist an ankle! The sidewalks were a mess, so I was just trying to watch my footing.

There are multiple pace groups anywhere from 8:00/mi to 12:00/mi. My training pace is around 12:00/mi so that’s the group I joined. I didn’t count, but there was a good 7-8 of us in this group. Yes, I am faster than 12:00/mi, but I would rather be comfortable & finish rather than wishing I was dead by the end of the run. 4.1 was completed very comfortably, but I ended up doing around a 12:30/mi average, which I was not happy with.. but with getting used to running on sidewalks, I was a little slower. That’s ok, I plan on keeping up next time.

I am so happy to be back running. After my run today, my endorphins were on over load.. I was so thrilled. I felt like I drank 3 cups of coffee.. jumping around, smiling from ear to ear.. just happy to be there. I am so thrilled to have changed my life & thank God for giving me the opportunity to continue to change my life every day. I wish I could give my confidence & happiness to people that are still unsure of themselves.

PLEASE know the life you want is POSSIBLE. It can be REACHED. Hard work & perseverance will get you there. It is REAL. Speed bumps will happen, & they will attempt to deter you from your goal.. but believe in yourself. (Whoa, my endorphins are flowing again! aka RUNNERS HIGH) … I can’t wait to hear that you changed your life, too.



2 thoughts on “Day 1: Complete!

  1. bobbijodmb says:

    So proud of you!! I remember my first long run with the group last year! Amazing feeling that you just can’t beat– and you have so many more to get better, improve and get to your full potential. Enjoy the moment and be proud of yourself no matter how you do!! Great job!

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