Week 1 of Half Marathon Training

Week 1: Killed it.

After my first successful long run last Saturday, I was feeling pretty good. I kept that momentum going with a 3 mile run on Monday with my friends, which is always great. I always end up going my tempo pace (11:30) when I run with them because they tend to run a bit faster than I do. I don’t mind it at all! I actually enjoy that pace. Tuesday night was my last group work out (sniff sniff)  since this semester I have class on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. The group work out was a tempo work out.. Lots or hills! It was hard but I did it. Wednesday night I took off, due to it being NEW YEARS EVE! I knew that I had a run scheduled with a bunch of friends from the group so I didn’t want to drink that much. Oops. Well, it was NYE! I had fun anyways. I showed up to the run on new years day & had a blast. I struggled through the hangover & the stomach cramps, but I averaged a 12 min pace, which I was pretty thrilled with since I had to walk a few times.  I was just so proud because I knew that most of the world was still sleeping in, which I was out kicking ass with a bunch of great people.

I left for my dad’s in Maryland on Friday, so that was another rest day. I don’t get to see my dad that often, so it was really nice to be able to. I love him so much. Saturday morning I woke up planning to do my long run, but it was pouring down rain. Back home in Pittsburgh, the group run was cancelled due to freezing rain & accidents everywhere. Glad my friends were okay! I decided to move my long run to today instead.

For Christmas, my parents took me to Dicks & Kohls & let me pick out stuff I wanted. At dicks, I got a spibelt (yay! Finally don’t have to put my keys in my bra anymore 😄), & some fuel I wanted to try out.  At Kohls I got 2 new pairs of running tights (I love to stand out, so they’re awesome patterns!)  & 2 new tops to match. So awesome. I get soo excited over new running gear.

My long run this morning was a little rough! I used MapmyRun to create a route around my Dad’s neighborhood, but boy did I underestimate it! It was sooo hilly! I had to walk 2 big hills, but generally made it up the little ones. I was so happy when 4 miles was over haha. 12:15 pace was a little slower than I wanted to go, but for walking some of it, I did pretty well.

Bring on Week 2 baby! I’m ready! Instead of a long run next Saturday, I have a 5 mile race on Sunday. The first time I’ll ever run 5 miles. UGH! wish me luck ya’ll ๐Ÿ™‚

3 months from today I’ll be cruising to paradise.. Haiti, Jamaica & Cozumel. Last summer I made a goal for myself to lose 30 lbs by my cruise (April)  & I have 10 lbs to go! I got this. Just gotta go back to being super strict with my diet!

have a great week everyone ๐Ÿ™‚



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