Week 2: Training on pause

Happy Sunday readers!

This week was a challenging one. Monday evening I met some friends & got in a (very cold, I believe about 15 degrees) 3 mile run. I had just gotten new inserts & was hoping they would help any leg pain I was having. They felt great at first, but then they caused me so much pain. Oh well, I tried.

Tuesday afternoon I had an appointment with a sports medicine/orthopedic doctor. My leg was still bothering me some, & instead of letting it go on, I decided to see someone. Even if it was something as simple as shin splints, at least I knew what it was. They took some xrays, which were fine. But the doctor told me that when the pain started a couple months ago (yes, I have been dealing with this pain since before Thanksgiving.) that it was a stress fracture. She told me that the 2 weeks I took off before Christmas did me well, because it allowed it to heal some, but she was concerned it wasn’t all the way healed. Therefore, I’m in a front panel air cast for 3 weeks. 😦 in the meantime, I plan on swimming & doing the stationary bike. & I can’t have any cheat days with my diet either! It would be so easy for me to eat like crap because I’m upset, but I am 100% in control of everything I eat. So, I decided I will be as positive as possible about this! My training schedule will still work out where I can absolutely still kick ass at the half marathon. Wish me luck.

Today I cheered on my fellow running friends at the Frigid 5 miler. I was disappointed, & cheering made me more sad than I thought, because I really wanted to be out there with them. But, it was nice seeing my friends finish. Way to go everyone 🙂

Have a great week! Keep kicking ass at whatever you’re doing!



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