I haven’t forgot about everyone! I’ve had a hell of a 3 weeks off of doing what I love the most. I’m currently in an 11 day stretch at work, & it has been incredibly overwhelming. Pair that with not being active & I’ve felt pretty crappy. I did the “hop test”  Friday morning & my leg seems to be feeling a lot better so I decided to take my cast off. It’s still feeling pretty good. My follow up appt is on Monday so I’m hoping to get the go ahead from the doctor to start easing into running again. I’m praying so hard to be able to get back out there..  I love it so much & need it back in my life! Plus, everyone else in the group is so far ahead of me training wise already, that im getting discouraged. It doesn’t feel like I’m a part of the group anymore.

Everyone wish me luck.. Please!! I need all the good juju coming my way.



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