Week ? – should I call this 1 again?

Happy Sunday!

Last Monday was supposed to be my follow up appt with the doctor, but it snowed badly here & I had to cancel. I figured if I still had problems, I could always make another appt.


On Thursday, I did about 2 miles of run/walk intervals with the Begin to Win group, who are on their own journey to 3.1! It went OK, but I had some tightness in my leg. Once I got home, the tightness went away. Saturday morning I did another 2 miles of run /walk intervals around my neighborhood & that went well. I’m making sure I stretch a ton when I get home, even if I don’t feel like I need it.

This morning I met the Begin to Win group out for another interval run for 2 miles..  It had snowed maybe half an inch to an inch, & was still snowing pretty good! I’ve never run in the snow before, & boy am I sore now! I did 2 miles, then did an extra mile with some of my friends from the group. I had so much fun! I am soo happy to be back with the group. My leg felt good & I came home & foam rolled (& almost cried) & stretched a lot. I’m just hoping I continue to feel good throughout the rest of my training!!


Thanks for keeping up & reading – – remember anything is possible 🙂



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