Week 3 Extension

I wasn’t going to run today. I was sore from yesterday & I did not want to go out in the minus 22 degree feel weather. But I changed my mind & went to the gym & I’m so glad I did. I was able to remember why I’m doing this.

1. For my health & weight loss
2. To cross that finish line successfully on 5/3
3. Because I love it. More than I ever thought I would.

I’m not one for depending on people or things. I used to be. Maybe that’s why I’ve been hurt so much in my life & have, by choice, been single for the past 4 years. I have loved & depended on the other to love me back, & I let them dictate my happiness.

This is so cheesy, but I’ve realized as long as I love running, it will love me back. As long as I take care of myself, I will never have to worry about waking up to see it has packed it’s bags & decided they couldn’t do it anymore. It will always love me as long as I love me. That I can depend on. Me.


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