Week 6 :)

Hi Readers!


I am hoping & praying this was the last week of frigid cold weather! Monday I was scheduled for 4 miles on the treadmill, but could only get through 3.5..  I was still recovering from the weekend. Nothing like your body showing you you’re another year older by taking 2 days to recover from a night of drinking! Haha.

Thursday was really cold, in the teens. I had a job interview after work, therefore I didn’t get back to my car until about 5:30pm. I just decided to get on the treadmill again instead of heading to the group run. I can’t wait til it gets warm & the treadmill is a distant memory.


Yesterday was my long run! Technically my schedule called for 6 miles, but on Friday my coach talked me into doing 7. There was a 7 mile loop, & I couldn’t wait to actually complete a whole loop with my pace group without turning back. I’ve decided to stick with the Galloway method as its really been working for me, & I’m absolutely faster doing this method than I would be if I ran the whole time. It was easy to keep my pace & keep up with my mentor & I was loving it. Some spots on the course were still pretty icy, so we had to be as careful as possible. Around mile 5, I hit a wall. A mental & physical wall. I was sore & tired & I wanted to quit.  I actually verbally asked others if they could carry me the last 2 miles. It took everything I had in me to keep going. I caught up with some others doing run/walk intervals & as I passed one of them, I said “I can do this!” & she said back to me,  “Ciara, you can do anything you want”..  & that was all I needed to finish.  By the time I got back to the lot, my watch said 7.75 miles!!! Holy crap, I ran 8 miles!!! I couldn’t believe it & still can’t! I was so happy. Sore, but happy haha.


Today I’m scheduled for 3, & I bet that is going to feel like a breeze.  Just have to get through this day at work first. Take care everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ less than 2 months til the half!!



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