Week 8

Hope everyone had a great week 🙂


Mine was pretty uneventful, but I did decide to make an appointment with a sports medicine doctor so he could evaluate my leg. I’m praying & crossing everything on my body I could potentially cross that I haven’t reinjured myself badly enough where I won’t be able to complete the Pittsburgh Half. My leg has felt OK, I haven’t really ran the past 2 weeks now. I did a few test runs of about a mile, & one of them was really uncomfortable for me, even while wearing the compression sleeve.

On Thursday I went to the gym to do the elliptical.  I absolutely hate that machine! It bores me to tears. I had a lot of pressure in my leg so I didn’t do it for that long.

Today I went back to the gym wearing my compression sleeve & my leg has been feeling not too bad so I wanted to see how it would feel to run.. Just for a little bit.  I didn’t feel uncomfortable whatsoever, & had no pain, so I ran for a little while. I don’t have any plans or time to run until my doctors appt on Tuesday, so I’m hoping I continue to feel good. I stretched a lot afterwards to make sure!

Wish me luck for Tuesday, I’ll make sure I keep everyone updated! 🙂 Oh, & HAPPY SPRING!



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