Week 9

Hey Readers..


On Tuesday, I had my doctors appt with the sports medicine doctor. He believes it’s just a stress reaction, & told me that if I had no pain, I can run 1 to 3 miles some days. But, he wants me cross training like crazy. He sent me for an MRI & I have a follow up appointment with him next week.
Thursday I did intervals on the stationary bike & I worked up a bit of a sweat. I hate that thing! It sucks that 10 miles on the bike only burns 255 calories. Ugh. But, at least I can still move.

Today I had my MRI, so I’m hoping they come back with positive results. Then I went to the gym & my leg didn’t hurt so I ran 2 miles. Still feeling pretty good.

I leave in 1 week tomorrow for my cruise to Haiti, Jamaica & Mexico! I can’t wait. I am so close to my goal (weigh anywhere under 170 before I leave!) so I need to make sure I’m super strict this week food wise. It’s been a struggle since I’ve stopped running.

Fingers crossed for me everyone..



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