Back at it.. almost.

So, the Pittsburgh Half Marathon came & passed. While I was incredibly down about not being able to run, I was still lucky enough to be able to cheer on my amazing friends as they conquered their races.. & their fears! They all did so great. I had (almost) as much fun holding my sign as I would have it I had run.

I was planning on returning to the road the weekend after the race, but I ended up coming down with a virus & was down for the count for almost ten days. Worst sickness of my life, but I am finally able to say I’m feeling better. Thankfully.

I’m returning to physical therapy (which is going to be a lot of strength training, body weight exercises, squats, etc) next week to help with my weak knees & ankles. Hopefully continuing these exercises will make me stronger & will allow my body to accept the pounding that I give it by running long distance!

I can’t wait to get back to training.. my first official half marathon will be Chicago Women’s Half over Labor Day weekend.

Just wanted to update ya’ll 🙂


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