2.5 weeks ’til go time!


Okay, so clearly I’ve been slacking on the blog updates. Towards the end of my PT, new injuries arose in both legs & I was once again left terrified at whether or not I was ever going to be able to train for this race. With a lot of prayer (a lot), ice, stretches, & compression sleeves, I have somehow made it to 17 days before my race day.

Somehow this training period feels different. Maybe because it’s been so short (I started the first weekend of July.), maybe it’s because I’m doing the majority of it alone & not with the training group. Maybe it’s because I’ve never felt 100% healthy or sure of what I’m doing. Thankfully Elite’s fall training program started at the end of July & I have been able to run the majority of my long runs with them. Last weekend I ran 10 (!!!) miles & at mile 8, had nothing left in the tank. I truly believe this was due to the incredibly hill course my coach made (still cursing you, Matt!), the Gu I decided to take at mileย 7 (which I’ve decided does not agree with me.. no more Gu!) & the heat. Summer started out rainy..so rainy that I swear I was going to have to build an ark. But, for the month of August so far.. it’s been HOT! So humid. The epitome of everything summer is supposed to be. And it has me begging for fall. Runners.. you’ll understand what I mean. Bring on my 50 degree temperatures. After reading race reviews from previous years, this race has plagued with dangerously hot temperatures & I’m praying (more prayer!) that this year does not follow suit. It is a flat course (YAY FLAT!) & I want to have a really great race experience.

I feel as if I should be more nervous than I am. I might be in denial. This race is so close.. & my friend & I have been planning this since December. Unfortunately about a month ago, we found out that this race is NOT giving a finisher’s medal.. rather they are giving out necklaces & calling them finisher’s medal. To say the least, my friend & I are disappointed. They have given medals the past two years, but for whatever reason decided to change things up this year. I can buy a necklace, I cannot buy a medal. & I especially cannot buy my first half marathon finish medal. Medals are earned. & you better believe I will have earned that medal. Here’s to hoping they have good stuff/bargains at their expo…

17 days to go &ย I am both excited & wondering how I’m going to feel on race weekend. Am I going to panic in my corral full of other (probably experienced) runners? Am I going to wonder what the hell I got myself into? Or will I be completely calm, just like I am now, because I know that no matter what, I will finish. & for this first race, that will be enough.

Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “2.5 weeks ’til go time!

  1. irunnegativesplits says:

    If you put in the miles, you’ll be fine. You’ll be nervous but its the adrenaline of excitement of the unknown. You’re right, run your race. Finish strong!!! Good luck!!!!

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