It’s December 1st!



Good Morning everyone!

In November, Run Steff Run posted about an annual December Run Challenge beginning December 1st, & as I have lost all motivation to get my weekly runs in, I decided to join! I am super excited about this.

Here’s a little blurb from Steff’s blog about the challenge:

“This is not a running streak, contest, or race to a specific amount of miles. The December Run Challenge is about motivating each other to continue with training through the toughest part of the year. Maybe you want a kick start to your 2016 New Years Resolution. You could be in a little bit of a running rut, or coming off of injury. Let’s work together and inspire each other to keep moving and finish the year strong!”

Each week, I will set a mileage goal for myself & every Sunday, I will have to report my mileage for the week. Each week that I report my mileage, I will be entered to win that specific week’s prizes! She has some awesome sponsors giving away prizes this year, for example: The first week of the challenge, Race Dots & Sparkly Soul will the giveaways! SO COOL.

For my first week of the December Run challenge my mileage goal will be a measly 9.1 miles. I have a race on Sunday the 6th, & I am aiming for a PR! I am slowly easing myself back into these weekly runs, so I wanted to give myself something I knew I could stick to.

Keep an eye out for my weekly running recaps during this December challenge!!

Have you ever done a run challenge? What were your experiences like?


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