Trot for Tots 5k Recap


This was my first time running a race a second time – & I’m glad I chose to do this race this year because I always love it. Check out my 2014 recap here to read how I PR’d on this course last year!

Since I PR’d on this course last year, I wanted to see if I could beat it. I hadn’t been able to PR a 5k this entire year due to injury & when I came back from the injury, I was significantly slower & I also didn’t really sign up for many 5ks with plans to break my previous record of 32:50. I knew after my injury that it was lofty to try & beat that.

This fall – I ran many races & continuously proved to myself I was getting faster – & when I thought about doing Trot for Tots 5k again, I knew I wanted to try & PR. It is a flat course out & back on the Panhandle Trail & it’s a race for a good cause as well.

My brother was in town because we went to the Steelers game Sunday night (WE WON!! An amazing game to go to) so he came to the race with me Sunday morning. We got there around 8:30am & I met up with some friends & we all chatted about our plans. It wasn’t too terribly cold; I had on a long sleeve FILA pullover, capris & an ear warmer.



The 5k race started at 9am right on time. Jenn & I lined up together & she said she wanted to try & go for a 10:30 first mile. I was down with that.. that’s where I wanted to be at least for the first mile. Once we got started, my legs felt like jelly. No energy in them whatsoever. This in itself made me super nervous that this race was not going to go the way I had hoped. Jenn wasn’t feeling great either, so she pulled back but I wanted that PR so bad that I knew I had to keep going. First mile beeps… 9:43. I thought.. “HOLY CRAP NO.” <— y’all runners know what I’m talking about. Crap, crap, crap. That is NOT good. All I kept thinking was I hope I wasn’t going to bomb the rest of the race. Second mile beeps.. 10:26.. much better. I had slowed down & that was what I needed. But, my legs still weren’t feeling great


I saw my coach Matt running back to cheer people on right before the finish.. I probably only had .3 to go. I was struggling hard – but he, no joke, screamed at me for a good 10 seconds telling me to push, that I needed to learn to race with the pain, & that he wanted me to catch up with the group in dark green right ahead of me. Well, can’t say no to Coach… I caught up to the group in green but was ready to quit. Once I caught up, I ran stride for stride with them for a minute or two. I round the corner & see the finish & my friend Jason is on the sideline yelling at me.. being the amazing guy he is, he ran me in & pushed me the last .1.. my brother was there too cheering for me- & I crossed that  finish line SO happy to be done & realizing that I just PR’d!!!!!! Everything hurt – my stomach, my legs, my lungs, but in the best way.




Final chip time: 31:15 🙂 that is a 5k PR 12 months in the making people! What a great race with amazing friends… & my brother! I will definitely be participating in this race next year as well. This was my last race of 2015! What a way to round out the year… Here’s to spring training!

Did anyone else race this weekend? How did you do?


5 thoughts on “Trot for Tots 5k Recap

  1. Gretchen | Gretchruns says:

    Amazing job! And I love what your coach said…I’ll have to remember that for my next race! I’m also really jealous you went to that was so so good!!! If only we can play like that till the end of the season 🙂

    • Ciara says:

      Racing w/ the pain is harder than it sounds, really. It’s all in your head. It’s definitely something I need to practice!! And thank you! – & I hope the Steelers continue playing like that!!

  2. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Congrats! What a great way to finish the year. Sounds like it should be on my schedule for next year too. No races for me, just a long run that was very MEH. I’m looking forward to the group run with Elite this weekend. I’ve missed those.

    • Ciara says:

      Thanks! It’s definitely a good race to do, especially if you want something flat & fast. I plan on being there on Saturday as well! Say hi if you see me!

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