Five Things Friday 12.11.15


Two weeks until Christmas, I can’t believe it! December is flying.. I knew it would. Today I am going to list out five fitness related items on my Christmas wish list.

1. Yaktrax – For those of you who are not familiar with Yaktrax, these attach to the bottom of your shoes so that you are able to run naturally on packed snow & ice. Pittsburgh winters can be pretty brutal, & I will be training for the Pittsburgh Half through the worst weather months. Unless the weather is out of control, we run & I would really love to not have to worry about snow/ice as much!


2. Brooks LSD Thermal Vest – First off, I love the cranberry color (any shade of purple or deep red is my favorite) & this would be perfect for winter! It is windproof & water resistant which would be able to keep me dry on snowy long runs.


3. JoJo Leggings in Monarch – DonaJo is a local company & their leggings are SO cute. They just released this pattern & I’m obsessed. (Purple anything, remember?) These leggings have always been a little too pricey for me, but that’s what wish lists are for, right? 🙂


4. In the winter for running, I’m obviously always wearing long sleeve work-out tees. Lately, the only long sleeve tees I have are ones from previous races! I’m liking the look of this tee here from Old Navy & would probably get this in every color they had! Old Navy’s fitness line is actually pretty great.

clear cn10187352

5. Last but not least, I would love to invest in a pair of Race Dots which would eliminate my need to keep remembering to grab safety pins to pin my bib to my shirt for a race. I also could avoid putting little holes into my shirt or leggings as well! These act like super magnets & I’ve only ever read great reviews about them.


So, there’s my list of five things on my fitness wish list this year! What’s on your list? Is there one thing in particular you are really hoping you get?


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