Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training – Week 4

Guys. I wish I could tell you I had a stellar training week. That I hit all my miles & the weather cooperated & I felt great about it.

I would be lying if I told you all of those things. Since Monday was a holiday & I was lucky enough (thank you MLK!) to have off of work, I went to spin class. I would have ran if any of my friends had off work & it wasn’t 15 degrees out. Brr. Spin was great. I’ve grown a total love for those classes. Someday maybe after I’m more experienced in it, I can get certified! It is such a fun workout.

On Tuesday, the group was doing hill repeats. I opted out because I have still had some tightness in my right calf/shin after hill repeats last month. I am so injury prone (hello Ciara.. you need to strength train!) & I do not want to do anything to further this leg thing I have going on.. & steep hills seem to really aggravate it. Instead, I went to the gym. First, I did a mile on the treadmill. Only a mile because I felt like straight up garbage & my shins were bothering me. You know when you just have those crappy runs? I could tell this was it. But I knew I needed to keep doing something. I went on another machine for about 15 minutes & got some cardio in. Then I told myself to just get back on the treadmill & just do another 2 miles. That would make 3. I went there wanting 5 but I just knew that wasn’t going to happen. So, I got my ass back on the treadmill & I did another 2. It wasn’t pretty, but it got done.



Wednesday was supposed to be my first night of class for the spring semester, but my teacher’s secretary called around 4pm saying my class was cancelled. It was snowing pretty good & was supposed to keep going well into the evening, so I’m glad he cancelled. After the terrible day I had on Tuesday, I took this day to rest.

Yesterday I was supposed to meet my normal gang for a run, but one of us was sick, & I wasn’t feeling well either.. so once again.. no run. I could’ve ran, I should’ve ran, I feel guilty I didn’t run.

Tonight the “big epic snowstorm of the season” is supposed to start around 6pm. Jenn & I had sorta kinda planned to get together after work if it hadn’t started snowing by 6:30, but.. I have a feeling it’s going to, & I still need to make it to the store to gather some last minute stuff just in case I can’t make it out anywhere tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow – I have a pretty good feeling our group long run will be cancelled, which really sucks because I really NEED & want to run the 7 miles that are on my schedule. But since this entire week was a wash, lets just consider tomorrow’s run a no-go as well…

At least on Sunday I plan to go to a $5 drop in yoga class in the AM 🙂 Positivity, my friends. SO — what a week. I hope ya’ll had a better one than I did. Mine was full of excuses, cold weather, & feeling under the weather & unmotivated. Next week I promise will be better.

Share something positive about your week with me, will you? I need some of your motivation to get through the dreariness of winter.


12 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training – Week 4

  1. directorb says:

    Don’t let a bad week get you down. Keep moving forward, it’s still progress. Hope the snow doesn’t get too bad where you are at.

  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    DON’T WORRY. These things happen to everyone. I skipped a workout myself this week. Just get back up and keep going. This is just a few days out of 4 months worth of training. Don’t let the bumps in the road get the better of you! Weather has thrown me some curveballs too. It sucks, but we just have to adjust and try our best to work around it. It’s definitely forced me to be flexible and a little more creative.

    One good thing about my week is that our weather is actually getting a little better now. Ha, I’m sure that doesn’t make you feel better as you’re prepping for the snowstorm of the century, but after a weekend of 0 degree temperatures, I’m grateful for our upswing 🙂

    One thing I tell myself when the going gets mentally rough in training is “you are stronger than your excuses!” I think of them like a running rival that I’m racing against. And darn it, I don’t want to lose!

  3. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    I’m REALLYYYY hoping the Elite long run tomorrow doesn’t get cancelled. In my perfect weekend plan the snow starts around noon once I’m safely home & cocooned, watching Netflix while bundled up on the couch. Then it absolutely buries us, but somehow all the roads are fine come Monday. Quite the plan I have isn’t it. (Are you listening Mother Nature!?)

    Like others have said, don’t let a rough week get you down, just make sure it doesn’t become a trend. There are plenty of runs left on your plan between now & May 1st.

    • Ciara says:

      Sounds like the perfect plan! I wish we were getting more than we are. Who knows, maybe it’ll be done snowing by the morning! But people from the group are coming from all over the place so I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled this evening.

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