Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training – Week 8

Sorry about the lack of post last week! I didn’t have anything to write about & no pictures were taken! The only run I got in was last Saturday – 4 awful miles on the treadmill, but silver lining was it was for charity, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Tuesday was speed work night & I did not fuel properly. It seems to be a trend this week.. I really need to start taking my fueling & hydration more seriously or else my runs will all feel like garbage.. just like they did all week. I only made it through 3x800s before my stomach got really upset & I had to do a quick .5 mile cool down. My watch got all jacked up in the first mile & 800 because I had the bike option on instead of the run haha.


Thursday I was supposed to get in a run with the girls but I scored free Penguins tickets for that evening – it was the first game I ever went to & I had a blast! Good company, good beer, great playing by the Pens!

Spring Thaw 10 miler in next Saturday, so I wanted to get a high mileage long run yesterday. I haven’t been getting in the miles I’ve been needing, so this probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. I got a little over 7 miles into my run & some kind of horrible knee pain started. I could only run a few steps & then my knee started burning & pain was shooting through my knee cap. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so the fact that this stopped me in my tracks meant it was serious. I walked the last mile, all the while TRYING to run every so often & every time I’d get a few strides in, my knee pain would start again. It’s still sore today, especially if I’m walking for an extended period of time.. so I’m hoping with some rest (more rest, ugh.. I need miles!!) that I’ll feel better for the race on Saturday & I can just take it the race easy.




How has everyone’s week been? I got my Cafรฉ Latte shakeology in the mail yesterday & I’m super excited about it! I start a 90 day weight training program tomorrow as well. I really hope I can tone up & get stronger! I spent the weekend with my Mom celebrating my birthday & we had a great time. I got some great gifts & we saw Saturday Night Fever off-Broadway. My mom always out does herself when she comes to celebrate with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Til next week..


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