Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training – Week 10

My weekly recap is a tad late – sorry everyone! I have been really slacking on my weekly runs, but have been making sure I’m keeping a decent long run base since I have a half marathon coming up in 2 weeks.

I have started doing the ChaLEAN Extreme program – it’s an intense weight lifting program & I think this is the perfect compliment to running! It’s a 90 day program & I’m really excited to see results. One thing Chalene Johnson says all the time – you can’t get abs if you don’t clean your diet up first. “Abs are made in the kitchen!” & it’s so true. I’m really excited to clean everything up food wise & tone up.

Saturday’s long run was from Schenley Park, which is always a hilly course. I had 8 on the schedule, but only could get through 6 due to my knee bothering me towards the end. Even though I cut it short, the hills were basically like running 8 miles. Running with the group always gets me through. If it wasn’t for them, I doubt I’d be out there.






This Saturday’s long run is up for 10-12 miles. I have been having some really bad back pain the last few days so I’m going to rest until then. I want to be in decent shape for Just a Short Run 1/2 Marathon! Maybe I’ll PR if I’m lucky πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training – Week 10

  1. dori says:

    Hope to do a half marathon eventually! Right now I can do about 3 miles before I get tired so I have a ways to go. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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