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Hi folks!

Today I wanted to talk about the blogs I read on a regular basis & list them here for you to check out! I have a routine (mostly Mon-Fri) & I am so stuck in my ways that if I get out of my routine.. I feel like I’m missing out!

Every morning (M-F) I get to work between 7:30-7:45am. I’m the kind of person that likes to settle into their day & while most people probably like to take this “settle in time” before they even get to the office, I’m the kind of person that generally rushes around in the morning, & then once I’m at work.. drink my coffee & read my favorite blogs.

So, what blogs do I check for updates on a daily basis? Here they are:

Ali on the Run – I’m not entirely sure when I found Ali’s blog (in the last year), but I do know that SHE is the reason I’m obsessed with reading blogs in the first place. At first, hers was the only blog I was reading & I read years of her entries in just a couple of weeks. I love her race recaps, her honesty, & she is HYSTERICAL. My favorite are the little captions she puts under her pictures.. she is straight up sarcastic & I love it. Lately, she has taken a small break from running & we’ve gotten to read about her personal side – her life with Crohn’s & mostly about her puppy, Ellie! Check her out. 🙂

Pittsburgh City Girl – Chelsea is a new friend, but I’ve been reading her blog for a few months. Again, love her race recaps & since she’s local & started running with my running group this past training season, reading her weekly training recaps are fun too. Also, she’s good motivation to get out there because frankly, she’s a rockstar & runs ALL. THE. TIME.

Run Steff Run – I found Steff’s blog through Chelsea’s (I believe) & reading her race recaps, especially local Pittsburgh ones, really inspired me to branch out & try different races. I love her honesty & when she’s having a bad week running wise, she lets us all know. That’s why I love other runners. We all understand & support each other. Even though Steff & I have only met once in person (I yelled her name at the Great Race last fall & gave her a huge sweaty hug. I like to make a good first impression.), she has always commented on my instagram & blog posts giving me tons of support. Thanks, lady.

Gretch Runs – Gretchen posts SO much more than just running-related things. While I do enjoy her training recaps & race reviews.. in the past year or so, her posts have really developed into more & the fact that she posts nearly every day excites me haha. She posts about fashion, clean eating (& did a whole “Whole 30” series) & recently, she’s been posting about her amazing trip to Belize where she got married & honeymooned. Incredible! Side note: She also recently bought a home & started a new blog called Gretch @ Home where she posts about her home renovations & her wish list of things she wants to do in her home! Such a fun idea.

Teaching Sam and Scout – I just found this blog the other day – & for whatever reason, I’m hooked. She is a teacher & a mother & mostly posts about those topics. It’s funny, I am neither of those things – a teacher or a mother – but her posts are so interesting to read! I found her blog by researching planners (I love organizational goodies) & I stumbled across her blog post review about her Simplified planner. After that, I stumbled upon her post about Sue Klebold’s (mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine shooters) new book that came out; which once again led me to her post review about the book Columbine, which is on my list of books to read soon. After those 3 posts, I was hooked!


So, there you have it. Just because your blog is not on this list does NOT mean that I don’t love reading your blog (I probably do love it) but these are the blogs I read every day, or at least check every morning (M-F) for new posts. It’s my favorite part of the day; Dunkin Donuts iced coffee in hand reading your blog posts. So, thank you! And please friends, if you have never read any of these blogs before – do yourself a favor & check them out!



2 thoughts on “Blogs I’m Reading

  1. Gretchen | Gretchruns says:

    I am just like you and like to start my day with my blogs, so this was a pleasant surprise this morning 🙂 Thank you so much for the sweet words and I’m SO glad that you like reading!! I haven’t heard of the last blog so I’ll have to check it out right away. Have a great weekend!

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