Five Things Friday 05/27

Happy Friday & Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! The year just continues to fly by – It’s been pretty warm the last few days so I know summer is upon us.. especially since Memorial Day is the “unofficial” start to summer. Summer for me means long weekend vacations (two of them), speed work at the track, concerts & lounging in the sun with friends (I hope!).

Today I’m linking up with You Signed Up for WHAT?Mar on the Run & Eat Pray Run, DC for their Five Things Friday post. (Also with Life in Leggings) Since this is a free week (and my first link up!) I’m going to post five things I’ve been loving on lately… random, I know. But, roll with me here.

1. The Pittsburgh Penguins are going to the STANLEY CUP!!!! The week before my birthday in February, a friend & I went to my first Pens game & I had the time of my life. It was so fast-paced, every time they scored everyone  flew out of their seats, & I genuinely just had a really great time. I love my city so much & I love all of the sports teams, but watching the Pens really did something to me. They won that night, & when I saw them for Game 6 against the Capitals, they obviously won that night too & I have been obsessed since. LETS GO PENS!!

2. One of Beachbody’s weight lifting programs, ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m coming up on day 30/90 & I will be posting my first 30 day review & results this weekend! Stay turned for that!

3. Signing up for summer races! Currently I’m signed up for Run For Alex 5 miler, Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k, & the Crafton Firecracker 5k. Other races on the schedule for this summer: I’ve Got Your Six 6k & Two Face 10k. This will be an exciting summer!

4. My New Balance 1080’s. I went from being strictly a Brooks Glycerin girl to loving on these NB’s. They offer so much cushion it feels like I’m running on air. Because of that, I feel like it’s saving my joints from hating me at the end of a long run. I will most likely stick with these as long as I can.

5. Getting more & more into using my social media for everything health & fitness related. I’ve become more active on my instagram here & I’m loving the support & feedback I’m getting from everyone. It is such a passion of mine to help anyone out with their goals & it means so much to me that people are loving what I’m putting out there. I’m in the process of ramping up my blog, my facebook fitness page & my instagram so that it can be more useful for my followers.. hoping to bring you more product reviews, advice & nutrition/fitness tips in the future!

Well – those are 5 things I’m LOVING on lately! I know it was random but I want to start off this weekend on a positive note & to remind myself I’m loving a lot of things right now! Happy Memorial  Day & let’s not forget why we’re able to enjoy this long weekend in the first place – thank you to all who have served, past present & future!

Any plans for your Memorial Day weekend?


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 05/27

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Yay for joining in on link-up fun!

    I live super close to Crafton, so I’ve had my eye on their 5K. I didn’t realize registration was so cheap! I might just have to bite the bullet & figure out the details later.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Thanks for mentioning your summer races. I’m looking for races so will check these out! Also looking forward to that beach body review!

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