Dirty Girl Mud Run – Recap

I know this recap is a tad late – but I was waiting for the race photos to be posted & they finally are! I was so looking forward to seeing them because I felt like they had gotten a lot of good ones throughout the race. And I was right! They’re great. I can’t wait to share them with you.

When 2016 started, I had a goal on my list to do a mud run. I asked around to some friends if they knew of any races coming up that I could do that would check off that goal. My friend Jenn was a part of a group that was doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run, so I signed up in January! It was still pretty expensive in January – I noticed that most OCR races are pretty expensive.

Time flies, doesn’t it? The fact that we’re already halfway through the year boggles my mind. I was really excited for this race! I have been weight lifting for almost 2 months & I was ready & looking forward to testing out my new stronger muscles. The race was about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh, so Jenn & I car-pooled. Parking was also $10, so thats more of the reason why we rode together. We were a part of the first wave (9am), & the race had asked everyone to get there an hour before. We showed up around 8am, parked & got ourselves ready. Our team decided to go with a pink & black theme (and rolling up to the race, I noticed EVERYONE’S theme was black & pink… good luck finding your friends) & I wore a cheap pair of black capris & a cheap pink shirt. I had zero plans of keeping the clothes I wore to this race, so I went to Marshalls & got the clothes.. I didn’t pay over $10 for the entire outfit. I also chose to wear a pair of Nikes that are very worn out & that I wouldn’t miss. At the end of the race, Dirty Girl gives you the option to donate your sneakers (which I love) so I ended up doing that.



The merchandise tent was cool – I didn’t bring any $$ with me, so I didn’t get to buy anything extra but Jenn ended up with a cool tank. We wandered around, dropped our bags at bag drop (very easy & smooth) & found the rest of the team. I didn’t know any of these other girls, but they were all very nice & there were I believe 12 of us. The great thing about Dirty Girl, is that this race is for women of all shapes, sizes, & fitness levels. At no point did I feel intimidated or nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to do this. It wasn’t going to be a big deal if I couldn’t complete an obstacle & I wouldn’t be punished with burpees like some other races (talk about intimidating).

Our race started on time at 9am & in the corral they were playing loud music & did our best to get us pumped up. It was fun! There was an older women (probably late 60s) beside me with a bib on, jean shorts & sandals (!!!) – We had no idea how she thought she was going to be able to complete this race. This race was a 5k – and it was put out into a field.. the terrain was not flat!

The obstacles were fun – inflatable slides, a slip & slide, lots of army crawls underneath things where you got completely muddy from head to toe. During one of the first obstacles where there was true mud, I got down on my hands & knees to crawl under & the first my knee did was hit a huge rock. It hurt like crazy – and I STILL have a huge bruise almost a week later! The only thing I didn’t like – there was A LOT of space, not enough obstacles in my opinion. I understand they had to fill 3.1 miles (it actually worked out to probably more like 2.5 miles) but they definitely could have utilized the space given – more obstacles would have been a lot of fun. The obstacles were not challenging to me at all – I actually wish this was a bit harder because I wasn’t sore afterwards, nor did I feel like I got a work out.



I conquered my small fear of heights but sliding down a fire pole, I waded through waist deep muddy water, & I slid down a HUGE slide into an enormous pit of mud. At the bottom, one of the workers then took a bucket of mud & dumped it on you. If you weren’t covered in mud then, you definitely were after that.




It was a fun event & you got a really nice medal for finishing. The clean tent was good – next time I will probably wear swim suit bottoms because I wasn’t able to completely get undressed to hose myself off. Once you hose yourself off outside, you go into this large open tent & change into clean clothes you brought. Glad Jenn brought a towel since the tent said it was rated “PG”. Well, there’s no nudity in PG movies sooo everything had ย to be done behind a towel haha.









I really enjoyed the volunteers – everyone working there was so incredibly nice & they had so much energy & love for this event. Also, the photographers were great. They had us do different poses, & took multiple pictures which I really liked since most photographers just let you take one picture & move you along. This was not the case for the Dirty Girl Mud Run.



Would I recommend this race? Sure. Would I sign up again? Probably not. I am definitely looking into another OCR race, maybe something like the Warrior Dash – so that I can test my strength on a little bit more challenging obstacles but this race is great for anyone’s first OCR & for any woman, no matter your size or your fitness level!


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