Crafton Firecracker 5k – Race Recap

Happy July everyone! I hope ya’ll had a fun & safe Fourth of July weekend.

My weekend was packed! Friends came in from my hometown & 4 of us went to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday – it was a blast!

Monday was the 4th & I was signed up for the Thomas J. Witt Memorial 5k in the morning. This race ran through Crafton (which is only about 2 minutes from my apartment) & a few of my running friends were running it as well.

I basically rolled out of bed at 6:50, got my stuff together & left my apartment to get to the park around 7:15. I ate a Larabar on my way there & brought some water. I haven’t really been running all that much, but I did want to plan around an 11 min pace average. I had heard this race was hilly, but I wanted to see what I had in me.

I picked up my packet once I got there, which was super easy as it usually is when Elite times a race. Once I saw my friends, we took some pictures & wandered around the park until it was time to line up to start. The race started right on time at 8am, which was great!

Mile splits:

Mile 1: 10:59

Mile 2: 11:35

Mile 3: 10:12

Mile 2 was clearly the hilliest of the entire race. This was definitely a tough course, but I don’t think it was the hardest race I’ve ever done. Mile 2 contained some walk breaks – some of those hills were SUPER steep! Mile 3 had a huuuuge downhill & it gave me a ton of momentum to finish strong. At one point while I was running down the giant hill, I looked at my watch & it said 8:45 pace. HA! Nice, Ciara.


After I finished, Jenn wasn’t too far behind me (Sara finished ahead of me) & we were handed our finisher’s medal (yay, bling!) & some water. We were treated to a piece of cake, fruit gummies & a banana. Yum! The girls & I went to go check our official times & mine showed 33:43, pace 10:51. LOVE!!! Then I noticed that I had turned on live results on my Facebook page & that had a different finishing time. We guessed that the laptop was showing us gun time (which is unusual, I’ve never seen it do that before) & the Chronotrack time was showing chip time, which is the accurate of both times. So, chip time = 33:10! AWESOME!! That’s my best 5k since December. After the race, we sat around talking & eating cake.. and I even got to meet Jessie in person which was super exciting!


My only qualm with the race is that they didn’t close any streets. While the roads weren’t busy around Crafton, there were a few times I almost had to stop for cars to go through a stop light. Not a fan. Also, I had to cross a lot of streets with no one directing traffic & I felt like I was out on my own hoping I didn’t get hit by a car. Regardless, I’m always safe & looked both ways before I ran across a street.

I will probably make this an annual 4th of July race – it’s local & it was very affordable! If you’re ever looking for a small 4th of July race, this is one to add to your list!



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