Buffalo Creek Half Training Recap – Week 1

training recap

Saturday 7/23 – 4.77 miles

Sunday 7/24 – Rest

Monday  7/25 – 3.39 miles

Tuesday-Weds  7/26-7/27 – Travel days

Thursday 7/28 – Lifting

Friday 7/29 – 1 mile treadmill

Saturday-Sunday 7/30-7/31 – Travel days

Weekly miles: 9.16 / Strength days: 1


This week’s recap is a little different only because I want to talk about last Saturday’s long run! Normally my weeks go from Monday-Sunday, but this week it will be Saturday-Sunday!

Saturday the 23rd was the first group long run of Pro Bike + Run’s training program. The mentors had to be there around 7am & it was already hot. You could just tell this was going to be a swampy run. I got to meet a few new runners that were a part of our pace group which is always nice – the more the merrier. That morning’s course took us over the Hot Metal Bridge, down the jail trail & back over the 10th street bridge back to the home lot. A couple of us ended up walking the last mile & a half or so – it was just too awful hot & I really didn’t want to push it. Back under the meeting spot, the Brooks local guy brought us watermelon & it was faaaantastic. 🙂 best thing ever to end a super hot, swampy run.


Monday started my week long vacation so I got up early & went to run on the Panhandle Trail. It was still pretty muggy, but it was more shaded so it wasn’t too bad. As the sun came out more, you could see the haze over the trail. I was glad to only have done the miles I did because that was all I had in the heat!


Tuesday & Wednesday were travel days – I picked up my BFF in Central PA & Weds morning we drove down to my Mom’s in Delaware. From there, the 3 of us drove down to Chincoteague – a little island off of VA. I was proud of myself – Thursday I got up early to lift & then on Friday morning BFF joined me in the gym where I ran a mile on the treadmill. I was pretty sore from lifting the day before! Saturday & Sunday were again travel days.. vacation was amazing, but the first thing I did after I dropped my bags off at home was head to the grocery store to load up on healthy stuff for the week. I can’t wait to get back to one cheat meal a week & a regular work-out routine.





It was a pretty low-key fitness week, but now I’m kicking it into high gear! How was your week? What kind of work-outs did you get in? Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Buffalo Creek Half Training Recap – Week 1

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I can’t wait to join for you the group runs! I’m still just doing easy runs but will start long runs in a few weeks. Love the Love chairs pic!

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