Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training – Week 3

training recap

Hi friends! Welcome to the next installment of training recaps for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon 🙂 Thanks for following along with me.

MAN – This summer has been brutal, ya’ll. I think any runner (and non) would agree with me on that one. It has been really difficult to get out there & get my miles in because this heat & humidity just really seems to get to me. No matter how hydrated I seem to try to be, it doesn’t make a difference. Also, my nutrition 100% suffered this week. I didn’t track a single meal, nor plan any meals. #totalfail. Next week will be so much better, I swear.

Running days: 3

Strength days: 1

Total miles: 14.02


I wish I could tell you why I took this rest day. Still trying to get in the habit of getting up early & lifting. It was gonna be a lazy week, I could tell…


I felt like I had a super stressful day. After work, I took advantage of the nice evening & walked around downtown Pittsburgh for a little bit. But, then I went for ice cream. No shame, it was delicious.


I had another really crappy day on Wednesday. After work I came home & sat on my couch & eventually around 5:30 I realized how truly, truly lazy I was being. So, I got up & lifted for about 25 minutes. Felt way better afterwards. It also made me think about how I promised myself at the beginning of this training cycle that I was NOT going to have weeks like this. I’m glad I gave myself a strict talking to & got my butt up.


Luckily, I have good friends that don’t bail on running when it’s really disgusting outside because frankly this run would not have happened had it not been for Jenn. We met at the Panhandle Trail in Carnegie & ran the first mile, then ran a half mile/walked a half mile until we got to 3 miles. That was all that could be managed. It was absolutely awful outside. 92 degrees with a real feel of probably over 100. Nooo thank you. Thanks Jenn for getting me out there.


I got to go to Kitten Yoga this night & it was so fun! A local shelter holds a few kitten & bunny yoga events throughout the year & the entry fee was so low, I knew I had to check it out! These kittens were adorable. I wish I could have taken all of them home. Animal Friends is on the North Side of the city & it’s nestled back in this really nice area. They put us in a room full of cages of kittens & let them run around while we did yoga. Well, some of us did yoga, most of us just wanted to sit on our mats & play with them. 🙂


Pro Bike + Run long run! Well, I haven’t ran long at any of these yet because of the stifling heat. Instead of spending this whole post complaining, I’ll just tell you we got it done. Simple as that. Warmed up the legs for the Two Face 10k!


Sunday was a great day! Yes, it was humid but it was cooler than Saturday which was a definite plus. I ran the road 10k & helped out hand out medals & water & cheered on the trail 10k finishers. Look out for the recap of this race in the next few days! 🙂 After the race, I went out to lunch with my running girls & then came home & napped off my morning. Then I got to cooking for the week. One pan Mexican quinoa & turkey burgers for lunch this week!

How was your week? Did you run any races over the weekend? Are you a cat or a dog person?


3 thoughts on “Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training – Week 3

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    I’m excited to read your race recap, I love seeing the same race I ran from different points of view. And this past week was rough. Literally I ran at the run on Saturday & the Two Face yesterday. That’s it. Oops.

    That Mexican Quinoa sounds delicious. Do you just make it up – or do you have a recipe?

    • Ciara says:

      I swear, these temps are making it really difficult to get my miles in. If it wasn’t for Two Face, I’d have like.. 5 miles. haha

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    You know it’s super humid when pictures come out all hazy like your last 2! Yeah, I haven’t done the Saturday group runs yet because I haven’t started longer runs yet and also because I need to go earlier to beat the heat. Can’t wait to start though!

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