Two Face 10k – Race Recap


On Sunday I got to run the Two Face 10k for the first time! This is an annual (3rd this year) race that’s put on by the running store I run with, Pro Bike + Run. Last year I was in the midst of training for my first half marathon & wasn’t able to run this, so I knew that I wanted to be a part of it this year.

The race takes place at North Park which is truly one of my favorite places to run even though a lot of runners dislike it. The race is super unique as it’s two 10ks back to back, first the road 10k which begins at 7:30am followed by a trail 10k beginning at 9am. While last year I had declared to do both, by the time this race rolled around this year, I knew my body was not in shape for 12.4 miles so I decided to just run the road portion.

Once everyone started lining up at the start line I realized how there wasn’t a huge amount of people doing this race & any time I notice that, I immediately start to worry I’m going to come in last. While this has yet to be a case, it’s a real fear for me! The race began at the skating rink & it was your typical lake loop, this time clockwise. Let me tell you – not my favorite way to run the loop. I prefer counter clockwise. For whatever reason counter clockwise seems way easier. The course is full of rolling hills, but running around the lake always makes for a pretty experience.

The morning was pretty humid, but the sun wasn’t out. So so happy about that. Around mile 3 the sun started to come out & I kind of fell apart after that. That dang sun!

Mile 1: 11:16

Mile 2: 11:11

Mile 3: 11:29

Mile 4: 11:21

Mile 5: 12:00 (I started run/walking here)

Mile 6: 11:36

Overall, I did way better than I expected. I took a salt tab for the first time prior to the race starting & I truly think it helped! I fear I would have completely crashed without it. I also ran with a cold towel for the first time. Just getting the towel wet turned it cold which was a complete lifesaver. I felt pretty good, cruising along until that sun came out & then I ran/walked the remainder of the race. I was stuck behind a big group of Galloway runners & it was driving me nuts. Just as I was literally right on their heels, their watch would go off & they would start running again. I tried for so long to pass this group but I just couldn’t. Once I hit mile 5, I lost them for good as they were too far ahead of me for it to be a big deal.

I finished with a final time of 1:10.. only one minute off of my current 10k PR. I call that a win 🙂 After the race, I stuck around & helped hand out water & medals to the trail 10k finishers. It was so great cheering every one in. Also – huge perk at the end was the guy handing out free sno-cones. It was perfect.

The best part of helping out at the end of this race though was seeing the last trail runner cross the finish line. As she crossed the finish line, she threw her hands up so excited to finish, & she started to cry. You could tell just how thrilled & proud she was to have finished a race that difficult. There wasn’t a dry eye around. That made everything worth it.

This race reminded me of how much I truly love the running community. Everyone is so friendly & supportive. And everyone cheers for everyone. Fantastic. I love it. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Two Face 10k – Race Recap

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    I would have been so frustrated to be stuck behind those Galloway runners, especially because you’re all Imma catch you, and then they take off again & it’s like NOPE. Like how are you ahead of me when you keep walking!? There were a few by me & it’s like I’m running, this isn’t fair!

    But also, I was so pleased about the crowds. I was a little worried too that I would be running totally alone either on the road or the trail since the crowd seemed small, but I was never alone, always within sight of another runner, which especially on the trail was a comfort.

    You gotta train up & do both next year!

    • Ciara says:

      Next year – yes! I hope. Also.. I wonder that all the time. How are they ahead of me when they’re walking. Ugh – I’m slow haha. I was also never running alone! I liked that. I could always see more than a few people.

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Great job! That weather was tough, and it sounds like you did awesome. Now I wish i’d have switched to the road race and done it! Really cool that you handed out medals to the trail finishers too! I have often had the fear of finishing last, and I know at small races where I’m just doing it as an easy run, it’s definitely possible. But your last sentences sum up why I don’t care anymore. The community is so encouraging and supportive, and no one would ever think less of the last finisher, so I refuse to think that about myself too!

    • Ciara says:

      Awesome Jennifer! That’s so great to hear. We all doubt ourselves & think less of ourselves at some point.. But trust me, if it’s a race I’m at, I’ll always cheer you on!

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