Buffalo Creek Half Training – Week 4

training recap

Hey ya’ll! What an uneventful fitness week it has been. Between a hurt back & evening thunderstorms, working out/running has been near impossible. Sorry this recap won’t be more exciting.

Running days: 2

Strength days: 0 (sad face)

Total miles: 12


Like I said above.. I hurt my back. I can’t tell you how because frankly, I have no idea. It probably has something to do with how I sleep because I frequently have been plagued with neck & back pain for years now because of it. It’s hard to bend over. So, nothing today. I decided to have a movie night: Divergent. I love strong, female, bad-ass main characters!


Tonight on the schedule was a track work-out, but since I get off at 4pm now & track doesn’t start until 6:30p, I like to run right after I get home. I decided I didn’t want to drive all the way out to Robinson just for a tempo run, so I was just going to do it on my own. Welp, track ended up getting cancelled anyways because we got a wicked thunderstorm. Cool. Hurt back = no strength training instead. Instead, I caught up on a few more episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix. Have any of you watched this yet?! I have 2 more episodes left (by the time this is published, I’ll be completely caught up. So, comment away.) At first, it took me a bit to get into – I’m not really into the Sci-Fi stuff. But my co-worker told me to try it again.. I did & WOW. Sooo good.


Again with the hurt back. I THINK it’s getting better by this point. But the fact that it’s day 3 of this annoyance sucks. Also – still raining. What the hell man. First, it’s too hot to run. Then, it storms for days. Awesome. My nutrition has been WAY better this week. Ex: on Monday morning my scale read 158.4 (WHAAAAT!!!) so ya know what I did Monday & Tuesday? Drank a crap ton of water & kept my snacking to a minimum. Boom. This morning: 153.2. Wayyyy better. Phew. I headed out to FedEx grounds parking lot for a run.. My running girls showed up after I was already done but we got to catch up in the parking lot for a bit. I told them about my back & they all talked me into heading to Pro Bike +Run since Katie (PT) was there doing her monthly complimentary assessments. So, I went & it turns out it’s my SI joint. She promised she’d fix me if I came in on Thursday.


I was supposed to head to the physical therapist about my back after work, but it turns out she’s out of network & the out of pocket just for the evaluation was just out of my budget. Luckily, my back was feeling 85% better so I was  hoping it would just correct itself. So instead, I met a friend out & took her to Il Tetto, Sienna Mercato’s rooftop bar. She is in town for work through December & I was excited to show her some great places in the city. Looking forward to showing her more! It was nice catching up & the evening was beautiful. We stuck to bruschetta for dinner & had a couple beers. The food was eh, but you couldn’t not have a great time since the atmosphere is so perfect.



Nothing exciting today. Typical work day & came home & relaxed with Netflix.


I had planned to do 8 miles, but the loop ended up being more like 9! Once our group made the turn on to the 16th st bridge, it was just me & Sarah for the rest of the run. It was nice suffering in the summer sun with someone else! The sun definitely came out & I started to slow down around mile 7 or so. Once we got to mile 8, we started walking. The sun & the humidity was just too much! But, I’m glad we got it done. Once I got back & I immediately chugged a ton of water w/ a Nuun tab & felt way better! I had a movie day the rest of the time & took a big nap.. Pretty typical of my Saturdays after my long run haha ๐Ÿ™‚



Today I am spending some time stretching out. It’s so much needed after all those miles yesterday. My calves & hamstrings are pretty sore, so I’m gonna check out a “Yoga for Runners”.

Overall, it was an okay week. I hear it’s supposed to cool-down a little bit this coming week so I’m for sure looking forward to that.

How did your week go? Are you training for a fall race?


One thought on “Buffalo Creek Half Training – Week 4

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Saturday’s humidity was brutal! We went earlier so didn’t have to run in the sun. I know I’d have been walking too if I was in the sun! Loved Divergent and LOVED Stranger Things! I was so sad when I watched the last one to have to wait for the next season!

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