Buffalo Creek Half Training – Week 6

training recap

I can’t believe I’m halfway there!! 6 weeks done, 6 weeks to go. I can’t wait though because October is my favorite month. I’m your typical #basic girl. No shame.

Running days: 3

Strength days: 2

Total miles: 16.11


This is why I should write these recaps as the days happen. I’m almost 95% positive that I came home & relaxed this day. I don’t normally have anything on the schedule for Mondays as it is.


I know I’ve spoken about this on here before but I have a huge problem fueling for my after-work runs. I just can’t get it together so I didn’t feel that great for this one. It was beautiful outside, but the sun was pretty hot. I ran the first 2 miles then ran/walked the last mile since there was absolutely ZERO shade the entire time. This day was my 3 year anniversary of my big move from central PA to Pittsburgh. Best decision I ever made.


My last lifting session was exactly a week before this & I couldn’t move for almost 4 days. But I love to lift so I did about 35 minutes of a ChaLEAN Extreme workout. Felt really good!


I wasn’t feeling that great after work (notice a theme here?), but I couldn’t pass up the beautiful weather! I walked 2 miles around my neighborhood. It’s pertinent to mention that I stopped to pet 2 dogs. I don’t know about you, but any time there’s a dog coming my way, I immediately feel the urge to pet it.  I noticed there are some really nice houses around me & it had me dreaming of what my first home would be like. I don’t think I have much of a green thumb, but I’d like to try my hand at gardening. It definitely gave me something to day dream about on my walk. Someday. 🙂


I wanted to run some errands out in the Robinson area, so afterwards I hit up the Montour Trail for a quick 3 mile run. Weather was great, I still seriously dislike after work runs, but I got it done. Friday evening I spent an hour or two on the phone with my brother & then enjoyed a fire with some friends. Wish I could have stayed longer but.. ya know. Long run in the morning. 🙂


What a gorgeous morning for a run! Pro Bike + Run had a route over the West End Bridge, around the Science Center/Rivers/Heinz Field & over to the Point & back along Carson St. We all had happy feet rarely being over a 12 min pace because it was just so dang nice. The sun was out (but wasn’t hot or energy-zapping), the cool breeze hung in the air & the company, as always, was superb. One of us had her first double digit run which was fantastic & the rest of us enjoyed seeing the city.


I originally had planned to attend the last Yoga in the Square of the season, but I realized that Sunday was the only day all weekend that I was going to be able to sleep in, so I took advantage of it. I hung around, met a good friend for lunch at Hello Bistro, & milled around the house for the rest of the day until I headed to a cookout. I realized I will for sure miss the sunny days of summer, the base tan that I’ve kept from running outside for 3 months, but I will not miss slow(er) paces, or feeling like I need a 5 hour nap when I get home from a run. Adios, summer. I start school this week.

How did your week go? What races are you training for? And tell me – how excited are you that fall is coming?


5 thoughts on “Buffalo Creek Half Training – Week 6

    • Hester says:

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  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    October weather is the best! Can’t wait!!! I don’t think I’ll miss summer at all, ha ha. I’ve just started my long runs so will be joining your group soon! This weekend I’ll be doing the Montour Trail Half as my long run–which I’m so not looking forward to because of the heat!

    • Ciara says:

      Yay for joining my group! I need this heat & humidity to calm down because I legit can’t run in it & I only have 5 wks til race day! Good luck at your half!! I have my first 10 miler of the training cycle on Saturday. So not looking forward to it.

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