Buffalo Creek Half Training – Week 11


Here it is, my friends. The last week of training. Since there’s not much to write about, I’m going to give you the weekly recap in pictures.

Pro Bike + Run had their pumpkin fest workout on Tuesday – I got in 3 miles then gorged on all things pumpkin. YUM!

Friday I met my running gal-pal out for drinks & some much needed girl talk. Love this bar!


My last “long run” of the training season on Saturday.

Wish this picture did any kind of justice to the sky Saturday night. Neighborhood block party shenanigans.

11 weeks of training has come to a close. I almost feel like I didn’t train at all. But looking back, I did get in some quality long runs. My weekly mileage wasn’t that high, but I’m hoping my body will at least take me through 13.1 miles on Saturday morning. Really looking forward to crossing the finish line on Saturday & scoring another medal for my medal rack!ย Columbus is this weekend as well, & a handful of my friends are running that as well. I can’t wait to hear how everyone does!


4 thoughts on “Buffalo Creek Half Training – Week 11

  1. melizz24 says:

    Felt exactly the same before running my 20k on sunday. I had done some long runs , but felt like I hadn’t trained at all ( I did less than half of my training plan…). But I did ran the 20k on sunday. I am sure you’ll do great on your half-marathon . Plus , you did it multiples times already :). Good luck !

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