Momentum Jewelry – Motivate Wrap Review + GIVEAWAY!


I have had my eyes on the Motivate Wrap from Momentum Jewelry for a while now & have always wanted to order one for myself! Anyone who knows me – or even just follows me on social media – can tell how inspired I am by motivational quotes, sayings, & speeches. If I could cover my walls in motivational & inspirational quotes, I would! So what better way to be inspired every day than to wear a saying on my wrist?

Below is a little information from their website about the wrap:


The amazing people over at Momentum Jewelry were kind enough to send me a motivate wrap to review – & even offered to help me host a giveaway where one of my lucky readers will get to have one of their own!

The day I got it in the mail, I immediately knew I had to try it out for that evening’s run. I ordered it in my favorite color, purple, & chose the saying “live every day with INTENTION”. I put it on & the fit was so comfortable. I could wrap it as tight or as loose as I wanted it & I wore it next to my Garmin watch. I ran 3 miles with my group & I didn’t even notice there was anything else on my wrist but my watch. By the end of my run, I knew I was going to wear it for my half marathon this weekend!


Every time I look down now, it’s the perfect reminder to live every day with my dreams in sight & to live every day with a purpose. There are so many different sayings & colors to choose from, it was so hard for me to decide, I wanted them all! I’d definitely recommend this wrap to anyone looking for a little extra motivation/inspiration on their runs/workouts or just in their every day life! I’m currently wearing it while at work & I love that it’s light weight & breathable.

Now – it’s time for my GIVEAWAY! Who wants one of these amazing bracelets?!

HOW TO ENTER: Answer ONE of the following questions in a comment. Multiple responses from the same person still only gets you one entry. 

  • Tell me how you motivate or inspire yourself on a daily basis.
  • What are your favorite work-out accessories?
  • Do you prefer group fitness classes or straight up working out on your own?

The giveaway will run until Friday evening, 10/21 at 12 midnight. I’ll choose the winner Saturday morning! I’ll be in NYC next weekend, but I will make sure to announce my winner right here & on my Instagram 🙂

*Disclaimer: I was provided this product by Momentum Jewelry. All opinions are my own. 


14 thoughts on “Momentum Jewelry – Motivate Wrap Review + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Trisha Bathurst says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been wanting one of these wraps, I think they’re so inspiring and I love how you can wear it with other jewelry and it doesn’t look goofy! I inspire myself to be more athletic by using Nike+ App and try to catch up to my friends with their running miles (I’m 20 miles away from my one friend which is exciting considering I was 80 some miles away from reaching her mileage) I also follow A LOT of runners on instagram (you being one of them) and all their post motivate me to become a better runner! Thanks for always posting motivational and inspiring pictures, I really enjoy looking at them and also reading your blog!!

  2. Sara Garside says:

    The wrap looked so comfy at the group run! Glad to know it kept up it’s end of the bargain. 😉 I stay motivated by trying to be active in my running groups and by focusing on my goals. And you know my favorite running accessory is my new Garmin right now.

  3. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Can sunglasses be my favorite accessory? Haha. If I’m outside they’re on. I even ran a marathon in the rain wearing sunglasses. 🙂

    Honestly, groups versus solo depends for me. Sometimes I just want to be alone & zone out. But other times I need a little extra motivation & that’s what groups are great for!

    • Ciara says:

      Yes, because sunglasses are hands down one of my favorites too! And I agree – some days I just wanna be alone. Good luck!!

  4. Heather says:

    Girl! Your posts motivate me! No joke. I am so glad we became friends because before you I wasn’t very motivated but now that I keep seeing your race post, my fitness and health goals have changed now. And my headphones are my favorite accessory. I can’t go to the gym without them! Unless I’m at aquafit because well… you can’t wear headphones in the water! But I wish you could 🙂

  5. Chelsea Prior says:

    My favorite accessory is probably my white hat. Seriously it’s so silly, but it’s been with me for nearly 96% of all of my miles! It’s weird when I don’t have it! It probably could be replaced, but I can’t bring myself to do .. it’s just a part of me almost.

  6. Michelle B. says:

    I love momentum jewelry wraps! They are always so cute and are the perfect accessory for any workout or any outfit really.

    How do I motivate myself to get out there and kick my own derrière? My dogs! Can that count? If it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t even be a runner. I got into running because I had a hyper Border Collie who needed an outlet for all that crazy energy. Now that same hyper BC eagerly waits for me to touch my running shoes and then flips out in excitement. His joy for running is contagious and makes me want to run more and more. Now that we have two dogs I feel like I run all the time. Ha. I love it!

  7. Carie Davey says:

    Love the look of the motivational bracelet! So cute.
    I like both group workouts and some solo, although I have to say I’m really enjoying group better. I tend to workout on my own during the week which gives me a break from the stress of work, etc. and leaves me alone with my thoughts. It can be very therapeutic. But then come Saturdays, I am with a great group of runners that give me motivation and make working out a fun thing. I always end up in a better mood!

  8. Kyle says:

    My main motivation to run is to stay fit. I come from an overweight family and I know if I start slackin’ off, it could snowball into something more. I push myself every day to keep those demons at bay. My current favorite workout accessory is my sunglasses. I have to have them to run.

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