Weekend Recap – NYC Girls Weekend


Hello, gorgeous.

Over the weekend, I visited NYC with my Momma. I had so much fun & I wanted to recap it for you all!

Friday  – I spent the majority of the day on the train from Pittsburgh – NYC. My mom got on in Lancaster thankfully – I slept most of the time & listened to music. All in all, it’s about a 9 hour train ride. We got into the city around 4:50p & made a bee line for our hotel, the Hilton Times Square. We stayed at this hotel the last time we were in NYC (about 4 years ago) & we liked it enough to come back. It’s in the heart of everything.

Once we dropped our bags off, we headed to Shake Shack for dinner. I was a first timer & let me tell you… it was AMAZING. I got a Shackburger & fries. In the time it took for us to wait in line to order & wait for our food to go, it took about 30 minutes. Apparently we got lucky in our wait time. I’ve been told the line is usually out the door! We took it back to our hotel to eat since there were no seats in the restaurant.



After filling our bellies with amazing burgers, we headed next door to Madame Tuesseuds. We visited here the last time we were here & I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to go back.







Saturday – We got up early & headed next door to Applebee’s for breakfast. I know – not very NYC – but it was easy & we didn’t want to fuss with getting somewhere for breakfast. We had plans! After breakfast, we took the E train to World Trade Center. Once we got there, we had to wait in line for over a half hour to even buy tickets. (Note for next time: Buy tickets ahead of time). It was around 10:15am once we bought our tickets, but the next available time to get in wasn’t until Noon. So in order to kill time, we headed over to One World Observatory which is the top of the new WTC building. It was rainy & cold & frankly we were just happy to not be waiting in line outside anymore. Tickets were pricey at $37 per person. They did a really nice job with this building. It’s all state of the art & really gorgeous. At the top, you can see NY for miles. I wish it was a better weather day because it would have been an even more amazing view.



After we were done there, we scooted back over to the museum. To get in for noon, we waited in line for almost an hour. Under no cover – in the sprinkling rain & freezing cold wind. Oof. Miserable. Once we got inside (around 1pm) I was just so happy to be warm! Everything about this museum is amazing. I’d say give yourself 3 hours to go through the entire thing. It’s a very somber experience but there are people everywhere. It was a complete zoo. I wish I could say I got to truly enjoy it. I’m not a big fan of crowds, so my anxiety levels were higher than usual. We unfortunately didn’t get to see the entire museum since we had waited in line for so long.


Once we got back to the hotel, we changed into dinner clothes & walked to Hourglass Tavern on Restaurant Row. It was really small on the first floor, but they had more seating on the other floors. It’s in an old brownstone & it’s a cute place for dinner. Reasonably priced as well! I had the pork chop & tiramisu for dessert. I had one of their house made cocktails & it was really strong. I was buzzed by dessert.

After dinner, we headed to Broadway to see School of Rock. Our seats were fantastic as always! The show was SO good. I’d recommend it to anyone. It was funny, entertaining, and the lead played his character perfectly. He definitely adopted a lot of Jack Black’s mannerisms.

The show ended around 10pm & I had a headache from standing in the rain for the majority of the day. We uber’d back to the hotel, stopped at Applebee’s for a late snack, & headed to bed.

Sunday – Before our train, we hit up Carlo’s Bakery for breakfast. It was pretty good! I had a lemon Danish. I had a 10 hour train ride ahead of me. So – nothing exciting to report!

All in all, it was a nice weekend away. As much as I want to ❤ NYC, I don’t. I enjoy a day or two there – but after that, I’m ready to go home. The show & Madame Tuessauds was my favorite parts!

Have you ever been to NYC? What do you enjoy doing there the most?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – NYC Girls Weekend

  1. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    I’m absolutely in the I❤️NYC camp! If I were younger, I’d want to live there. The last time we were there we rented an apartment and it was soooo tiny. That’s the only reason I couldn’t move there now–going from a big house to a tiny apartment wouldn’t be possible! But I just love that there’s so much to see and explore in the city, and just that electric energy that’s everywhere. Now you made me want to go back! I could see how standing in long lines in crappy weather would suck though. We tend to bypass the touristy things and just walk around.

    • Ciara says:

      Some time I would like to go with someone who actually KNOWS their way around NYC. I’d love to see the ‘non touristy’ things & just take in the entire city. I might find a new way to love it!

  2. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    I used to LOVE NYC, like, told everyone I was moving there when I was older. And then I went back once when I actually was older. A good friend of mine had a great job, was 28, still lived with his parents in a 2 bedroom apartment they converted into a 3 bedroom because he couldn’t afford to live on his own, & I was like yeah, nope. Definitely a different feel exploring with someone who knows the area. You end up at all the best places to eat & seeing the cool stuff. I’ve only done the touristy stuff once, the rest of the times I’ve been, maybe 4 or 5 have been with friends who live there.

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