Friday Five 10.28.16

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TGIF everyone! This week actually went pretty fast – I can’t believe it’s the last week of October. After this weekend, I believe I’ll have done all of the fall things on my list that I wanted to. What are you doing for your last weekend of October? Any Halloween parties or plans?


1. Last night I went to my first Pittsburgh Penguins game of the season & they won!! I was lucky enough last season to see a couple playoff & Stanley Cup playoff games & I’ve been hooked on hockey ever since.

2. Since this weekend is the last weekend of October, I plan to go out in style. Tomorrow I’m joining my running group for a run (my first one in 2 weeks) & then I’m heading up to Ohiopyle for a hike with Jessie. I’ve never been up to Ohiopyle & I’m really hoping the weather forecast stays showing no rain! I’m excited & hope that the leaves are still really pretty on the trees.

3. On Sunday I’m having a fall party at my apartment! I love getting people together whether it be for a sports game, a party, or anything like that. It’s a potluck so everyone is bringing something fall related & I will probably turn on Hocus Pocus to play in the background. I’m really excited to see my friends! I’ll probably be making spiked apple cider in the crock pot. Recipe forthcoming in my weekend recap.

4. I wish I was young enough to still go trick or treating. What can I say, I love sweets & I love chocolate. I used to love dressing up & going around & seeing what kind of candy I could get. I remember my brother & I would have bags filled to the brim. What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?  My mom let me be a grim reaper one year LOL. I was definitely more into dressing up scary when I was younger.

5. On a related note, I wish I lived in an area where I could give out candy. If I didn’t have a Math exam on Monday evening, I’d invite myself over to someone’s house to help them give out candy to the kids. I love seeing all of the kids dressed up, they’re so cute! Also, who gives a Math exam on Halloween? Not cool.

Again, Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy the weekend & have some really fun things planned with your family & friends. It’s supposed to be in the 70s here tomorrow, so I’m going to enjoy that while I can! Keep an eye out for my next installment of “Currently…” since the first of November is Tuesday… whaaaat?!

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7 thoughts on “Friday Five 10.28.16

  1. sweetandstrongblog says:

    I can’t believe October is almost over either. Can you believe my husband has never carved a pumpkin or seen hocus pocus?!? My plan is to change all that this weekend!

  2. Anna-Marie @BeautyandtheBeets says:

    Who even holds class on Halloween? Ugh, I have an assignment due as well, not a test but a paper. Boo. <- Ha! See what I did there? Happy Friday!

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