Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Halloween readers! I’m not too into dressing up, but I am a fan of the holiday – I always think of getting together with friends & having fun.

This weekend was a blast! Nothing Halloween – related, but I did get to spend the entire weekend with friends.

Saturday – I woke up around 7:15am to head to the Southside to meet up with Pro Bike + Run. I’m still a mentor for another week! This was my first run in exactly 2 weeks & it was a much needed break. I’m still not 100% loving the idea of getting back into a training schedule, but I know that day will come.

The Mt. Washington climb was scheduled & it was about 5 miles to the water stop at the top & back. It’s a pretty steep climb up McArdle Rd – but truly I had planned to walk it anyways. I got to see a handful of my friends & enjoy the nice weather. I love the view from the top of Mt. Washington. It’s a reminder how much true love I have for the city of Pittsburgh.

After the run, I headed back home to shower quick & then I headed over to Jessie’s for coffee before heading out for our day of hiking at Ohiopyle. Ohiopyle is about an hour & a half drive from the city. It was a gorgeous day! For the most of the week, they were calling for rain but I’m so glad it didn’t. We got to the Visitor Center a little after 1pm & checked it out before choosing a trail & heading out. Jessie had been there before & suggested checking out Bachmann, which is about 4 miles, we’d eat lunch then head out on another trail for about 3 miles. Bachmann was pretty steep & rocky, but it was a nice challenge since I’m not very experienced when it comes to hiking. About 2 miles in, we reached the most beautiful view point….


Once we left there, we went a different way than we should have, so it took us off course a little bit.. essentially doubling our mileage.


Needless to say, things got a little dark there for a while.. we were on empty stomachs & ended up splitting a granola bar Jessie had in her pack.. but bottom line we were pretty hangry haha! We finally got to town around 5ish & basically ran to the nearest restaurant for food. It was delicious – I got an Italian hoagie & tots & Jessie got a Reuben. There was no food on our plates when we were done & as we were leaving, we grabbed an ice cream cone. Before heading out to the car, we headed over to one of the bridges & got to take some really pretty pictures.

Once we were fed & on our way back home – we both agreed we had a great day! My Garmin told me I had gone almost 16 miles for the day!! I was exhausted & went to bed shortly after I got home.

Sunday – I chose not to set an alarm for Sunday morning because I figured my body would wake itself up around 8am or so.. Yeah, no. I woke up at 930am! I guess my body really needed the sleep. I picked up around the apartment & then I went to Aldi for some food for the week. I decided to make pasta with pesto & I’ll just be having granola + almond milk for breakfast. I don’t really get a chance to eat dinner during the week since I have class twice a week, so normally I’ll just have some fruit or something small.

I had been planning a Fall party for about a month & I was excited to have some friends over for a relaxing Sunday. There were 4 of us & we each made something to bring. I made spiked apple cider in the crock pot. The recipe is incredibly easy & I found it here. I originally thought the 3 cups of spiced rum to 1/2 gallon of apple cider sounded like a lot, so I made it with 1 cup. It definitely could have used more, so I let my friends just add the rum to their drinks to taste. It ended up being super laid back – we sat around eating & drinking (mostly about running!) & it was a fun time! I love catching up with friends this way.. laid back at someone’s house with a drink & some finger foods. The day ended up being really rainy & dark, so I totally didn’t mind being inside! My Sunday evening ended with  studying for my Math test which is ON HALLOWEEN. Who does that?! Rude. I am so ready for this semester to be over with! 5.5 more weeks!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I can’t believe it’s the last day of October – look out for my Currently post for November coming up this week!

What’s your favorite food to make during the fall season?

Do you have a favorite spot to hike during the year?


7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

    • Ciara says:

      Hiking is definitely a little harder than most people think! Especially because we chose a steep & rocky trail. It was gorgeous!

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Oh LAWD – bike up McArdle? I would much rather run up. Seriously. I wavered on whether or not to run with my phone for a great pic at the top & yours makes me sad I didn’t. NEXT TIME. Also, more snacks next time. Usually my bag is STUFFED, IDK what my deal was.

  2. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    What a Saturday! 16 miles! I love Ohiopyle. There’s a shorter trail I like to do with my dog. Your Sunday sounds awesome! I love laid-back days like that.

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