Friday Five 11.11.16

friday five blog

First & foremost, I want to thank all of the Veterans out there today & every day for making the huge choice to defend our freedom & our country.. I am forever grateful!

Happy Friday 🙂 I am SO looking forward to this weekend. Hoping to relax. I feel like I have lived a million lifetimes in the last week with incredible highs & lows so I’m looking forward to a little R&R. Here’s your Friday Five.

1. Last night I went to see Cole Swindell in concert at Stage AE. My friend Kristin & I saw him with Florida Georgia Line this summer & he was basically my favorite part of the whole show. I’ve never been to the venue, but I’m so glad we ended up going!

2. I have been wrestling with the thought if I should write about the Election on here or not. I’m not political, but I do have my own opinions. I’m not going to rant or intentionally start a crazy discussion here – but Wednesday was an emotional day for a lot of us. I hope that once we got over the initial surprise, that we were all able to realize what truly matters in all of this – LOVE. We need to be more concerned about spreading love to everyone, instead of hate. If you voted a certain way that I may not agree with, I am not going to hate you. I am going to love you. You are still my people, & while we may not agree on a few things, I know that you’re in my life & you are my friend/family for a reason. Regardless, I’m choosing to spread love & light into the world because that it what is most important right now in a country so divided. So – love & light to all of you.

3. I have zero set plans this weekend. zero. Guess what I’m gonna do? Sleep in. Netflix. Maybe randomly get froyo with a friend. Because I can do that.



I’m not.


4. The second week of November is over now & I get to look forward to only 4 more weeks of this semester. Holy moly, I am SO ready. And I’m so over sitting in 4 hours of Math every Monday.




5. Great news: I get to have Thanksgiving dinner with my Dad & step-mom. A little background – my parents don’t live around here. Dad is around DC & Mom is in Delaware. Brother is in Florida. Yeah – we’re definitely really spread out & holidays can get a little weird. Christmas is never an issue – but I have been lucky in the past to have been able to crash my friends’ family Thanksgiving dinner (Thanks 2nd, 3rd, 4th fam). BUT – I was on the phone with my Dad yesterday & he mentioned cooking a turkey so I basically invited myself. I’m headed to my class reunion (TEN YEARS!) the day after, & it’s only about an hour & a half from his place… so it works out perfectly. So Thanksgiving = Turkey Trot 5k (as always) & then heading to see my Daddio. I can’t wait.

Alright blog world – tell me what you’ve got in store for the weekend. Anything good? Whatcha got on tap for the Thanksgiving holiday?

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2 thoughts on “Friday Five 11.11.16

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    I’m headed to Erie & going to wineries on Saturday! I’m excited, but looking forward to a whole day of Netflix and chill on Sunday.

    I wish there was a Netlix option that didn’t give me the 15 seconds. Like, I’m committed to doing nothing with my life today, just keep it rolling here people.

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    Yep… everyone needs to focus on the light & love in the world 🙂
    Enjoy that plan free weekend. They are few & far between!!!

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