Sewickley Turkey Trot 5k Recap


I love a good Turkey Trot! There’s something about running a race & burning some calories before spending the day with family & friends gorging on all of the amazing food. This was my 3rd year in a row running a Turkey Trot – & all 3 years I’ve done a different race. This was by far my favorite one out of the 3!

I signed up for Sewickley’s (a town just outside of the city) Turkey Trot because it was close & the store I run for was timing it. The race was set to start at 8:30am, so I arrived a little before 8am & parking was easy at the hospital garage across the street.

Packet pick-up was easy as well, it was upstairs in the community center & I grabbed my packet & put my bib on. The packet had some cool goodies! A pair of sunglasses, chapstick, some coupons, etc. The shirt was a long sleeve cotton shirt which I had planned to change into afterwards since I had a 4 hour drive down to my Dad’s directly after I finished the race.

I lined up about 10 minutes before the race was set to start. It was thankfully not very cold.. I got away with wearing long tights & a long sleeve shirt. Honestly, I could have worn a capris & had been fine. Apparently there was an announcement & the singing of the National Anthem, but I couldn’t hear anything. I don’t think the speaker system was great, which was a shame because I don’t think any of us knew what was going on, especially when it was 8:35 & the race hadn’t started yet.

Finally, they started us & we were off! The course was pretty flat, which was exactly what I needed! It ran us past some absolutely gorgeous homes in Sewickley. I know some Pittsburgh Penguins players live over there – including Mario Lemieux – but I’m not entirely sure where at they live. Regardless, the town was beautiful & I was jealous of everyone’s amazing houses!

I kept a pretty steady pace but my breathing was really labored. It was really humid! My legs felt great & it wasn’t terribly hard to hang on to a certain pace, it was just very hard to breathe.

Mile 1: 10:03  | Mile 2: 10:15  | Mile 3: 10:47  | .1 9:39

Official time:  31:59 //  10:18 pace

The first mile was pretty much downhill & a big hill was at the end of mile 3. I hate when races have a huge hill at the end… RUDE! I walked a few seconds up it before just deciding to bust my butt up the hill & finish the dang race strong!

Once I crossed the finish line, I saw some friendly faces & tried catching my breath. Whew! I was happy to be done but was really thrilled with the paces I gave! I grabbed a Gatorade, a water & a granola bar & headed back to my car. Off to my Dad’s I went for Thanksgiving day!


I am definitely planning on making this my annual Turkey Trot, as long as they keep it going. It was flat, fast & was a great town to run in! Registration & packet pick up was smooth, & it was well organized. I’d recommend this Turkey Trot to anyone looking for a new one for next year!


Do you have an annual Turkey Trot you run? Do you have a race tradition you do every year?


8 thoughts on “Sewickley Turkey Trot 5k Recap

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Umm is total gluttony a Thanksgiving tradition? If so, yes, I have one. Haha.

    You already know this, but I’ve never run a Turkey Trot. I always want to & just never do. I would love to run one with friends, or Mr.Sass. A friend asked me to run one with her this year, but I was out of town. 😦

    Also, you, me & Gretchen could have a blogger “date” night. 🙂 Just sayin’.

      • Lavon says:

        Oh my goodness how can you possibly choose three!!! For my curly blonde top 2 year old boy it would have to be the Soft Gallery richie sweat pants, topped with the woven play striped raglan tee and over the top that great Cried Wolf rust anchor t shirt – what beautiful clo!ehst!!

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    I love a good flat course.
    & also love a good swag bag. Long sleeve shirts are the best for fall/winter runs.
    Love your leggings.
    I usually spend thanksgiving with the family in running gear too 🙂
    Great job!!!

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