currently | december + goals


I’m not going to write for the 3rd post in a row about how it’s December. We all know it is. So, without further adieu, let’s just get to what I’m currently up to!

Planning: I can’t say I’m really planning anything except last minute get togethers with friends & what to get my family for Christmas.

Listening to: There are 4 songs I can’t stop playing. Everglow by Coldplay, Love on the Weekend by John Mayer, Love on the Brain by Rihanna & True Colors by The Weeknd. I’m basically playing them over & over again until I inevitably get sick of them.

Drinking: Not enough water lately. I really need to step my game up in that department.

Watching: Holiday movies. This week: The Holiday. What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Or better yet: your must see holiday movies?

Eating: Better for the most part. Trying to get as much fruit & veggies in as possible.

Looking forward to: Christmas with my family 🙂

Loving: My new coat I got as an early Christmas gift. I’m wearing it in my Friday Five post from last week. SO amazing. And SO comfortable & warm for the winter season. I’m obsessed.

I posted this on my FB yesterday & it was received pretty well:

I’ll be sticking to a glass of wine on holidays or special occasions, but other than that, zero booze. I feel good about this choice.

Goals for November:

  • Exercise 3 days a week, at least one of them being a running day. – mostly, yes. Minus this last week & a half or so, I did really well with this.
  • Complete all of my Math homework within 3-4 days after Monday night’s class so that it stays fresh in my mind. – nope. but, I did play catch up over the weekend.
  • No fast food (unless lunch with a friend is Chipotle or something, then that’s ok) – I win. woo! 
  • Read 1 book – TV off at 8:30pm on nights that I don’t have class – definitely no. 

So – November goals, I’d give myself a 75%. My anxiety + school stress has been overwhelming.

Goals for December:

  • Pass my final exams
  • Read 1 book! Trying this again…
  • Devote more time to meditation & working on myself
  • Exercise 3x/wk

I hope that I can manage things a little better once school is over for the semester so I can focus on some fitness goals while I’m off!

What are some of your December goals? How are you ending the year? 


4 thoughts on “currently | december + goals

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    My water intake is horrible lately. I am making that a 2017 goal to get in all my ounces every day.
    I need a new winter coat something fierce!!

  2. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Still harping on the fact that it’s December, ’cause WHAT?

    Also, my water intake has dropped terribly low, and I can tell, but it still hasn’t inspired me to drink more water. I’m adding more tea in too since it’s so cold in my office, but still trying to find a workable system to keep track of how much I’m drinking. But so far, nothing has stuck. I’m accepting ideas if you’ve got them.

  3. Kristen says:

    oooh The Holiday is one of my favourites year round 🙂 my favourite christmas movie is the santa clause.

    good for you on the drinking choice. you gotta do whats right for you.

    good luck on your exams and reading the book! take a book in with you when you go to the bathroom. lol weird suggestion? my brother had issues reading when we were kids and thats what all the special teachers suggested 🙂

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