Spring Training + Goals!



Spring half marathon training officially begins Dec 17th w. Pro Bike + Run’s kick-off event! I’m excited to be a pace mentor for year numero dos 🙂 As you’ll read below, I’m not actually starting my own personal training schedule until the week of January 1st-7th as 13 weeks training time is perfect for me.

Alright! Let’s hash out what I’ve got going on over the next 4 months & get into the nitty gritty of it! You can see my official training plan here but please remember that I am not a professional & I made this plan myself based strictly on prior experience & knowing how my body best reacts to training. One day I will be a professional & then ya’ll can listen to me all you want 🙂

Training dates: January 7th – April 2nd

Races during training:

  1. Spring Thaw (10 miles) 2/25/17
  2. Just a Short Run (8.1 miles) 3/25/17
  3. Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh (half marathon) 4/2/17

Other races to be in shape for:

  1. Pittsburgh Half Marathon 5/7/17
  2. Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania 6/2-6/3/17


EFX class @ FASTER: Monday

Night class: Tuesday + Wednesday (late January – May)

Run:  Wednesday (Lunch tempo run) Thursday (optional), Saturday (long run), Sunday (easy)

Rest days: Tuesday, Friday

Friday is my only true rest day. A day where I get to do nothing that involves school or exercise. I know I should probably stretch or do some sort of cross training on this day – but I know myself. The more I schedule myself in, the more overwhelmed I become. Hopefully I can schedule this day for FUN.

Goals for Spring:

  • Show up. For myself, mostly. But I want to show up for my pace group too. And everyone else that looks to me for inspiration!
  • Never skip a long run. Unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • No booze. You heard it here, folks. I don’t drink that much as it is, but what I’ve realized lately is that it makes me feel like crap. Sure – it’s fun to get buzzed every once & a while but I actually kind of really hate it. So I’ll be sticking to water & I get just as much of a high off some good food as the next person. 🙂
  • CROSS-TRAIN. This could mean anything. I do plan on signing up for a class pass at FASTER, but in case for whatever reason I can’t make it on Monday’s… I must put something else in. Whether it be a class at Gold’s (the gym I waste $20 a month at) or a DVD at home.
  • and this one goes with the last one. STRETCH. I have to do this. I have to start stretching. I need to find a good YouTube video or something of that nature to show me some good stretches. I do much better following a video, I think. Any suggestions on that front?

There it is. My goals for spring training. I really, really hope that when I post every Monday my weekly training recaps that I am keeping these goals & having a healthy training season!

Are you training for a spring race?

How do you prep for training season?

What’s your favorite way to cross train?


6 thoughts on “Spring Training + Goals!

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    I LOVE cross training. It’s why triathlon training was so much fun for me I think. The whole plan was built in cross-training. I love lifting weights, though I am getting more into circuit training & how I can have my heart rate up while strength training. ‘Cause the logic of, is it really a workout if you’re sitting down is SO TRUE.

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    Girl – we sound just the same.
    My training starts Jan 9… but Fridays are my day off too & I’m REALLY going to make a goal to incorporate yoga/stretching this time around!!!!
    Let’s GO GET IT!

  3. Gretchen says:

    No lie- my goals are the exact same for you. I could have said it word for word. Long runs are my struggle so that’s what I’m focusing on, and the rest of training will fall into place. I’m also planning on giving up alcohol during training…except on the weekends! I can handle no drinks during the week but my German-ness needs a beer once in a while 😉

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