Friday Five 12.16.16

This post almost didn’t get written, ya’ll. Finals week is killing me slowly. But it is Friday & it’s the Friday before Christmas break & I can’t wait. I miss my family & I really want to see them.

1. Looks like I’ll be getting an A in my Personal/Community Health & Wellness class! WOO! For lack of better words, it was basically like a high school health class so it was very easy & enjoyable. There was only 3 other people in my class so we all became close & shared tons of stories. Good experience.

2. Tonight is my friend’s Ugly Christmas Sweater party & I’m incredibly excited. Tons of food, games & friends wearing ugly sweaters. Perfect.

3. This funny:



4. and THIS. ALL. OF. THIS:


5. And this beauty of a picture I took outside my window on Wednesday after our first real snowfall. As long as it doesn’t hinder my driving abilities, I like the snow. It makes the outside world so quiet & peaceful.

What do you have on tap this weekend? Pittsburgh folks – be careful tomorrow morning if you’re going out!


3 thoughts on “Friday Five 12.16.16

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Bahaha, I love almonds, but also, a serving of them is like 8 almonds. So, pretty easy to eat 5.6 servings and then be all “Woe is me”, so I usually just stay away.

    Sad the run is canceled, but I am looking forward to sleeping in and drinking a million cups of coffee before I decide if it’s worth venturing out or not…

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    Isnt that the truth about almonds! I try to buy them in bulk to save a little on the cost.
    I’d love a health/wellness class – that stuff just interests me so much.
    Have fun at the party!!!

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