Weekend Highlights – Ice, Ice, baby

Happy last few days of work before the holiday! At least I hope most of you get to enjoy some time off for the holidays. I am off today so that I can last minute prepare for my Math final this evening.

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend – except for the crazy ice storm that we got!Friday I worked a full day then I picked up my friend Nick & we headed to our friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party. I was super happy to see friends & there was a ton of amazing food, fun games & my favorite part: these two gifts…

How cute are they?! I ❤ them. PS: Nobody thought my sweater dress was ugly. Which is fine, because I totally agree. I love this dress & I’m so glad I found it at Ross a few months ago for $15!! Steal.

I knew the ice storm was coming over night & would continue into Saturday morning so I laid in bed longer than usual. Pro Bike + Run’s kick off event ended up getting cancelled 😦 But it was for the safety of everyone! They postponed until next weekend, but I am out of town with family for the holiday.

I had plans to do some last minute Christmas shopping, but I was worried I wasn’t even going to be able to leave! After talking to some of my friends who said the roads were just wet & slushy, I ventured out to the Strip District around 12:30p. It was so crowded which I should have expected. There was zero parking in the “cheap” price area (the one thing that sucks about living in the city: you can’t find free parking anywhere before 6pm Mon-Sat). I ended up getting into a lot for $10. Ugh – I hate feeling like I’m throwing away money like that!

But, it paid off. I love the Strip District because you have your street vendors selling really cool stuff for a good price & of course you’ve got all of your sports gear down there as well. I ended up scoring some great gifts for my family & I can’t wait until they open them.

Once I got home, I bundled up & worked on my study guide for my Math final. I luckily have a really great teacher in the sense that she has let us make a study guide for all of our exams. We can put whatever we want on the study guide & use it for the test – therefore I never have to memorize any of the formulas. This final is open note & open book – essentially we can use anything we want but I made my own study guide to try & condense things. I’m nervous, but I think I have an okay grasp on things. I have been told I’m better at Math than I think I am & I don’t give myself enough credit. Well, alright then, I’m ready to CRUSH this final.

Sunday was pretty relaxed. I worked on some more of my study guide & I watched the Steelers game. I had actually turned it off after the 1st half, but turned it back on just in time to see us pull ahead 24-20. Lordy, Bungles will always be the Bungles, huh? A team full of classless players. See ya next season, Bungles. Enjoy your time off.

Wednesday will be my last post (my Year in Review post!) until after the holidays! I am only working Tues + Weds this week then I am flying out to my Mom’s to DE on Thursday morning. I won’t return until Monday evening so I will be sure to get something out next week. I hope ya’ll have an amazing week. Meet me back here on Weds 😉

How was your weekend? Did you get a work-out in? What’s your go-to work out when the weather is crappy?

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights – Ice, Ice, baby

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    Dont you love when you have fun gifts & cant wait to give them? That’s the best.
    I am still obsessed with your elf dress. & a BARGAIN!!!

  2. Jess says:

    You are coming to DE just as we are leaving. Our weather has been up and down here. Some days are in the 20s F. Hope your final goes well!! That’s awesome that you can make a guide.

  3. HoHo Runs says:

    I adore your dress! It’s definitely not ugly at all. The presents are seriously cute! I get more time off at Thanksgiving than Christmas — which doesn’t seem fair. I hope your Math final went well and you can now relax and enjoy your holidays and the time spent with family. Thanks for linking, Ciara!

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