Nice to see you, 2017!

Although 2016 was bleak at best, saying goodbye to it was a blast. And so far, on this 2nd day of January, 2017 has treated me well.

It brought me beautiful weather, blue skies & SUNSHINE. We don’t get to see the sun very often in Pittsburgh come winter time, so whenever I get to enjoy the sun, I am grateful. So, here’s a little weekend recap for ya – it was a good one 🙂

On NYE, I woke up & headed out to mentor for Pro Bike + Run. I missed their kick-off run last weekend, so this was my first appearance of the season. I was running a 5k in the afternoon, so I knew I didn’t want to do much. The night before, one of the group members asked on FB if anyone wanted to walk – so I said I’d join her. I did a little review of my mileage recently on my Garmin – & it wasn’t pretty. 3.3 miles for the entire month of December. Cool. That’s great. (Rolls eyes). It was nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while – and I got to hold the “WALK” mentor sign.

I ended up walking 3 miles with one of the group members & it felt really great! It was nice to start off my morning that way. After the run/walk, I milled around the house for a bit, took a nap, packed a bag, watched some Game of Thrones… (which by the way, I’m just starting.. so no spoilers).

I headed to Jessie‘s around 1pm & was able to catch up with her & Mr. Sass until we had to leave for our race. We were running the Harmony Silvester 5k in Harmony, PA. Harmony is about 25 minutes from Jessie’s place so it was a super easy drive up there. The race began at 3:30pm, which is the latest I’ve ever started a race! I’ll be doing a race recap sometime next week (since Wednesday’s post is the next edition of Currently…) so I’ll give you all the good details then!

Once we finished the 5k, we headed to Wunderbar Coffee & Crepes which isthis adorable coffee shop full of this beautiful exposed brick & cool little coffee signs on the wall. It was pretty busy, although we realized later that we were happy that we showed up when we did, since it got busier as the evening went on. We both ordered our coffees & I got a feta, spinach & tomato crepe which was delicious.

We hung out at Wunderbar until about 5:45pm when we decided to head up to the square where they were planning to drop a ball, counting down until 6:00pm, which is midnight German time, signifying their New Year. It was really fun! Jessie & I had fun dancing the night away to the DJ that was there & we (she) counted down in German with the rest of the crowd. Once the ball dropped, it was time for fireworks!


The fireworks were certainly better than I had anticipated. For a small little town, I was pleasantly surprised.

Once the fireworks were over, we made our way back to the car & ordered Chinese food. YUM! We were both looking forward to such a low-key evening celebrating the closing of 2016.

Chinese food & cheese were eaten, sparkling wine was drank, & the ultimate cap to the evening: Mariah Carey’s epic fail on national TV. ‘Twas perfect. Both our butts were in bed by 12:30am & we agreed that we couldn’t be happier about it.

On Sunday, Jessie’s fiancé so graciously made us girls breakfast before he headed off to work & we drank multiple cups of coffee. How does anyone function without coffee? It’s just so delicious & life-saving. After our coffee, we changed & headed to North Park for a hike. We definitely couldn’t let the beautiful first day of the new year go to waste! We both scolded each other when we realized that we didn’t take any pictures while we were hiking. Just too consuming in conversation & the great weather, I guess!

Also – how true is this?:

I hope everyone had a safe & enjoyable evening ringing in the New Year. I’m so happy to have the day off today – I’m going to head out for a run & then head to an EFX class in the evening.

Tell me what you did this weekend! Did you go out or stay in? What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2017?


11 thoughts on “Nice to see you, 2017!

  1. Gretchen says:

    Great way to end the year! My sister lives in Harmony and we were originally planning on going to Wunderbar for brunch that morning. I hope that your year continues going this well 🙂

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    This sounds like such a fun weekend. A place where they celebrate New Year’s at 6 pm is my kind of town! I’ve never figured out how people function without coffee. My favorite way to celebrate after a race is in a coffee shop! The more quaint…the better. Here’s is hoping that 2017 treats you very kindly. Thanks for linking, Ciara!

  3. Rebecca Jo says:

    All you have to say is FETA & I think that dish is perfect 🙂
    That comic about NYE – yep… it was a miracle we made it to midnight this year.
    Wasnt Mariah Carey something else? I said it was the perfect ending to 2016

  4. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style says:

    Happy new year! Caffeine has, unfortunately, zero effect on me. I could drink an entire pot and be asleep 5 minutes later. So I’m one of those few people who can function without it! I didn’t know PB&R had a walk group. Cool! I plan to be there Saturday.

  5. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Obviously I love all of this, still salty we didn’t take any pictures hiking on Sunday – is it our first day? And, considering Mr. Sass felt worse & worse all day I am continually more glad that we plopped our asses in bed instead of literally anything else.

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