Friday Five 1.6.17

Happy first Friday of the year! I have no idea where all of this motivation & drive has come from, but I’m really excited it’s here. I have missed this REAL me! I have so many things I’m excited about again – fitness goals, financial goals, personal goals.. all really amazing stuff. I hope you’ve done something similar for yourself. Okay, so onto this Friday’s post!

1. I was excited to hear I was accepted again as an ambassador for Legend Compression Wear. I absolutely love their compression sleeves & they helped get me to a 10k PR after I was on my feet all day the day before the race. They have an awesome Refer-a-Friend program (click the link to order!) this year where you receive $15 off your initial order, which is such a great discount! Check out my review & let me know if you’ve been looking for new compression wear!


2. It’s going to be frigid cold this weekend. Actually, the cold is sort of already here. Wind chills in the single digits & snow. YUCK. Luckily, I’m meeting up with a friend in the AM to get a few miles in. Anyone else running outside this weekend? Don’t forget to bundle up properly…


3. My goal to run 500 miles this year is in full swing. I’m really excited about it & have decided that I’m not going to run a fall half this year. Once I run RnR Raleigh, Pittsburgh Half & Ragnar Relay, I want to solely focus on just getting to 500 miles for the year. I also would still like to go for my sub 30 5k. But that’s it. No long miles, no hard training for long distances. Just me enjoying 10-ish miles per week & hanging out with my friends. Sounds perfect.

4. I did a yoga video the other day on YouTube & I absolutely loved it. Gretchen gave me the suggestion & now whenever I feel like I need some good, calming yoga in my life… I’m heading over to Adriene’s YouTube page.


5. Tell me about your goals! Fitness, personal, financial, anything! I’m so interested to hear what other people have challenged themselves with this year. I firmly believe if you’re not consistently trying to better yourself in any aspect of your life, you’re not truly living. I have never been one to stay stagnant. I am always thinking about, working towards, a better me & a better life for myself!


Happy Friday, friends! Stay warm this weekend 🙂


4 thoughts on “Friday Five 1.6.17

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Ah, I NEED to make yoga a priority once a week or so, especially since I KNOW it will make a difference in my running & general well-being. And we even get the YouTubes on our TV. I just always forget until it’s like bedtime.

    You’ll definitely find me around the lake loop either tomorrow or Sunday. We’re supposed to meet up with some family for brunch one day so I figure I’ll run the other. But brrrr.

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    I always need a reminder of the right layers to wear in this weather. I’m always over dressing.

    I so want to get a love of yoga this year. Trying to make it a goal to do it every Sunday. Fingers crossed.

  3. Kristen says:

    i am trying to do yoga at least once a week right now – eventually i’d like to do it more than once a week, but baby steps. i’ve done a few of Adriene’s videos though i will admit she’s not my absolute favourite.
    i hate running outside when it’s cold. hate hate hate it. the only bonus is that when i eventually fall over because i slipped on some snow or ice or air, the layers help cushion my fall. haha.

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