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Happy birthday month to me! I always start my countdown on February 1st – I don’t care how old I get, I really truly believe I will always love my birthday. 23 days! Lets see what I’m currently up to this month!



Planning: I feel like a lot! My mom is coming into town in a couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday with me. We’ll do some shopping & have a nice dinner. It’s always nice to have her around to celebrate! Also, I’m heading to the Finger Lakes with a few girlfriends the weekend after my birthday to continue the celebration.. I’m really excited for that!

Listening to: Currently nothing crazy new. I just added “Any Ol’ Barstool” by Jason Aldean & “Blue Tacoma” by Russell Dickerson. I haven’t been into any new country lately so I’m glad there are some songs coming out that I enjoy.

Drinking: So much coffee. Ever since I cleaned my Keurig machine at home, I’m a coffee fiend.

Watching: Documentaries usually. A few days ago I watched the HBO documentary on those two girls that stabbed their friend because they wanted to please “Slenderman”. That news story kind of weirded me out & the documentary didn’t disappoint. The two girls are up for trial as adults this year.

Eating: Trying desperately to eat healthy. I swear the hardest part to get back into is getting away from all of the unhealthy, sweet & sugary foods after the holidays. It’s tough!

Looking forward to: everything my birthday month has to offer!

Loving: that I’m back into a fitness routine. I’m feeling great!

January goal recap:

  • I have a few financial goals that I can’t wait to outline for you guys. I had someone reach out to me via my blog about financial goals so I can’t wait to talk about that with you guys.  YES! I’m excited to report that my budget is going well!
  • Go to EFX class once a week Yep! I enjoy going to this class so much!
  • Run 10 miles (ish) per week. I made a goal to run 500 miles in 2017, which is technically 9.6 miles per week. So, for this month, I’d like to get between 9 & 10 miles per week. I’m generally around the 10 mile mark. I’m doing well for the first month of the year.


February goals:

  • No Dunkin/Starbucks for the entire month. If you remember, I posted about my 2017 Money Saving Challenge First Quarter & February’s challenge is NO dunkin or starbucks! I’m hoping I can stick to this.. it’s so hard! But it will save me so much money in the long run!
  • Put at least $200 in savings
  • Stay present & enjoy every weekend of February with my friends/family.
  • Read one book + meditate 10 minutes every evening.


It’s huge for me to stay present & not look towards or fear the future. It causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety & it’s so important to just be there in the moment with whomever you’re with. I feel I spend a lot of time in my head worried about situations that haven’t happened yet & I want to learn how to put my mind at ease. This month I truly want to make this a priority, especially since I’m turning a year older. A lot of anxiety comes with getting older & I want to be thankful that I get to see another year no matter how old I get.


What are your February goals? What are you currently up to? Anyone else have a birthday in February?


4 thoughts on “currently | february

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    While it didn’t officially make my list of goals I’ve been thinking I need to do more yoga – I know that more would be better, but I feel like 10 or 20 minutes once a week is what’s doable for me right now.

    No Dunkin or Starbucks! You can do it! Have you signed up for the Starbucks app? You get a free birthday drink that can literally be ANYTHING – I’ve made like $9 drinks before. You can save that and on March 1st have FREE COFFEE!

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    I remember that story of those girls. They recently interviewed the little girl on the news that was stabbed. Just CRAZYYYY how kids get so wrapped up in these social media things & believe it all. SCARYYYY times.
    I have yet to clean my Keurig. I’m probably drinking nothing but fungus at this point. Add creamer & sugar? I’ll drink it.

  3. Lauren Hopkins says:

    I love birthday months (mine is May)! 🙂

    I watched a 20/20 episode about those two girls and Slenderman a few years ago and I swear it caused nightmares. Definitely makes me sad.

    I second what Jessie said about Dunkin/Starbucks – make sure you are taking advantage of their membership benefits! And YOU GOT THIS! Have fun making fun coffee drinks at home! And think about how much money (and calories) you are saving!

  4. Kristen says:

    i totally celebrate my birthday all month long too! mine is this sunday. birthday month twins! glad you get to celebrate with your month. that documentary sounds intense. i don’t know if i know that news story. i am trying to eat healthy right now as well, but it’s hard with it being birthday month – everyone is giving me candy haha. hope your birthday month is going well!

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