Friday Five 2.17.17

Friday Five is back! I did almost forget about it again, though. I’m thinking of changing up my Friday’s to something different.. I’ll have to do some brainstorming. I have a lot of trouble writing these posts for whatever reason. Any suggestions?

friday five blog

1. Pittsburgh’s first Cat Cafe is opening today & I can’t wait to go check it out eventually. I grew up with 3 cats & I’ve always loved them. I’m a little allergic, nothing major, but I’m excited about the opening!

2. Pittsburgh is also bringing a Harry Potter festival to life for 2 weeks starting next week! I am soo excited about this. My friend Tara mentioned it to me & we’re heading out for some fun on one of the evenings. We’ll drink some butterbeer, get our fortunes read & enjoy hanging out at Hogsmeade!  I’m currently watching a few of the Harry Potter movies to get myself in the spirit!

3. My mom is coming in today for my birthday! My birthday is next Friday, but since I have a lot going on then, she’s coming this weekend instead. I’m really excited because we are supposed to have some absolutely beautiful weather! I have to run in the morning, but afterwards we’ll do some shopping & head out to dinner.

4. I have completely let my diet go over the past couple of months. Some days I feel fine, other days I feel very unhealthy. I’ve watched the scale go up 4 lbs in the last couple of months & that’s a lot for me. I know I shouldn’t focus on the scale, I should focus on how I feel.. well, I feel crappy too. And the scale shows it. I really, really need to reign it in. I made chicken & hard boiled eggs last night. Honestly, my problem is the endless snacking. I need to start snacking on healthy things, no more sweets. No more cookies, ice cream.. and I’ve been over-doing it on the carbs. I love carbs & they’re super important in your diet, but they really need to be consumed in a smart way. Back to My Fitness Pal.

5. Humor to end the post & day:





Are you a cat or a dog person? What are your weekend plans?


3 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.17.17

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    Ahhh – start the birthday celebration early! Have fun!
    A Harry Potter celebration – YESSSS!!! I want to come!!!
    Friend… my diet… I just cant get it back on track. All the stupid holidays that are full of chocolate!

  2. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Yay for your Momma being in town! Will you two get a chance to go see the Cat Cafe? That would be fun (I mean, if you like cats I assume).

    Also, I’m totes a dog person. Mostly because they always look so happy to see you & I like that. 🙂

    My friends and I made butterbeer once, it was delicious. This was maybe 2011? I would definitely be interested to try this version.

  3. Gretchen says:

    I’ve always been curious about cat cafes. I just picture them to be super dusty and hair all over the place for some reason. A dog cafe would be awesome- I think that there are always dogs at Grist House brewing so that’s more up my alley! Hope you have a great time with your mom and have a fun week of birthday celebrations 🙂

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