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February flew by! I know it’s a short month, but dang! I’m excited to get into March though – it means my race plans are super close!



Planning: All the race things! I have 2 half marathons & a Ragnar coming up in the next month-3 months so I’m making sure all of my ducks are in a row.

Listening to: As I’m writing this, the Burlesque soundtrack is on. Love love love this movie.

Drinking: Always the Nuun! And I’m not just saying that because I’m an ambassador. I really do drink it all the time.

Watching: Ugh, the TV watching has been kind of boring lately. I watched Twister the other night (RIP Bill Paxton<3) & I’ve been keeping up with Teen Mom 2 & The Challenge. Whatevs, don’t judge me.

Eating: Still trying to get my diet under control. I was doing better but yesterday we had a pot luck for Fat Tuesday & I ate all the things. Mmm.

Looking forward to: My girls trip to the Finger Lakes this weekend! I’ve never been, but I’m really excited to explore a new place.

Loving: The idea of warm weather coming.

February goal recap:

  • No Dunkin/Starbucks for the entire month. – I tried. It worked for maybe 2 weeks. I got a lot of DD & Sbux gift cards for my birthday, so I used them.
  • Put at least $200 in savings – Not done. Unfortunately, with me paying for upcoming trips, I had to put the extra money aside for that.
  • Stay present & enjoy every weekend of February with my friends/family. – Yes! I’m happy to say I did this.
  • Read one book + meditate 10 minutes every evening. – I am nearly finished with “The Shack”. And I didn’t get to the meditation part.


March goals:

  • Put at least $200 in savings
  • Stay consistent with running mileage (I’d like to get in 55 miles!)


What are you currently up to? What are your goals for March?

Linking up with Gretchen & Kristen!


4 thoughts on “currently | march

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    All the races ahead!!!!
    OH GIRL.. .I’ve got to get to Dunkins to try that new salty & sweet iced coffee they have out right now!!!

  2. Kristen says:

    oh my gosh i love Burlesque! such a good movie and soundtrack. i just ate half a bag of m&ms (not the snack size.. like i’m talking full size) so i feel you on the diet.
    i mean.. do gift cards really count? i’m not shopping right now, but i got amazon gift cards for my birthday. i used them. i used them on house stuff, but still.
    we’re trying really hard to add extra money to savings over the next couple months. it’s hard! stuff keeps popping up haha

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