Weekly Recap – Wk 9 + Wine Country

Happy Monday!! I’m here with a huge recap for ya’ll. Not so much fitness wise, but this past weekend I was up in wine country in NY with my girlfriends & had a blast! As far as fitness went, I only got in 5 miles, but I was able to get in 2 EFX classes so I was pleased with myself! And look at that – almost 100 miles for 2017 so far! SO EXCITING.



Friday Jessie, Katie, Rachel & myself left the city around 9:30am – we hit some pretty snowy weather heading up 79, & apparently just missed a 20 car pile up on the way out. Luckily, by the time we hit NY, it was just snow squalls & I wasn’t as nervous! Super glad I drive a CR-V now! We got into town around 2:30pm & checked into our beautiful hotel, Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel!

After checking in, we walked over to Graft Wine + Cider Bar

We had a great waiter here, Jake, who pressured me into picking a Pandora station since I was the birthday girl..

Saturday – We hit up 10 wineries between 10am-5pm!

Our first stop, JR Dill Winery. Nice people, wasn’t a huge fan of the wine, so I didn’t buy anything here. The view was nice though..

Next up was Atwater Vineyards. Nice atmosphere, beautiful view, would love this place in the summer time since they had a nice patio. Their wine was delicious! I came home with the 2014 Riesling.


Bagley’s Poplar Ridge Vineyards was by far my favorite winery of the bunch. The wine was delicious & the people there were so entertaining. “Pecker Head Red” is a wine, & when mixed with “One Eyed Cat”, it becomes “One Eyed Pecker”. Hell. Yes. I came home with the “Busty Blanc”.

Of course I had to buy the magnet: “Classy + Tipsy = This Girl” !


Next up was Lucky Hare Brewing, which was by far my favorite brewery. I had their “Blonde Moment” which is a coffee blonde – a lighter beer but with the taste of coffee & it was absolutely amazing. I’m racking my brain about how I can get it here in PA. Best part? It was released on my birthday. The girl here, Hannah, was super great, had fun with us & even gave us recommendations for other places, including lunch.


Then we had lunch at the Elf in the Oak for lunch by recommendation & it was really good. I had the beef + cheddar on a pretzel roll & it was divine.

Hazlitt Winery was our next stop after lunch. This place was a tad busier, but I still felt the service for the tasting was good. We got to get in on a chant with the rest of the tasting room, which was pretty fun here. I ended up coming home with two 4 packs of their “Cider Tree”.


On our way back from Hazlitt’s, we stopped off on the side of the road to get pictures of this really beautiful waterfall.


Then I wanted to stop by the dock that was behind our hotel for some pictures. It was so, so windy on Saturday that the water was so choppy & was actually splashing up on the dock! It was freezing, but I knew the pictures would be worth it!


Heading up the left side of the lake, our first stop was Lakewood Vineyards. This was a super beautiful venue, I had their Niagara wine at dinner the evening before so I knew I wanted to stop here. The guy giving us the tasting was funny & knew his stuff. I came home with “Abby Rose”.


Per a recommendation from “Captain Chris” at Lakewood, we stopped by Miles Wine Cellars to see Evan. This winery sits right on the lake, so I bet in the summer it’s gorgeous. Evan was great – the best place about here was that we got to keep our tasting glass. I came home with “Long Weekend”.


Our last stop of the day was Castel Grisch. Beautiful venue, the guy working was nice. It’s pretty off the beaten path!


After our day of wine tasting, we needed some food! Within walking distance of our hotel was Nickel’s BBQ. Good food! But probably too heavy after everything we did all day. I had the brisket sandwich & jalapeno mac & cheese which was delicious.

Sunday we got up early & headed home – it was sunny & clear. As much fun as I had, I was so glad to be home! But it’s a weekend I won’t soon forget.

I haven’t laughed so hard in so long & the entire weekend was so easy going & relaxing. I have had this birthday celebration planned for almost 6 months & I can’t believe it’s come & gone – it’s cheesy but I had so much fun writing this recap because I had an incredible time! Thanks to the 3 ladies that joined me in celebrating 28 🙂 Ya’ll are true gems & I couldn’t ask for better friends. XO ❤

PS: 4 more Sunday’s until Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon!!!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Wk 9 + Wine Country

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    “probably too heavy after everything we did all day” – what a delicate way to say “this dinner did not agree with Jessie, so we got to listen to her puke later while watching Blindside”.

    Haha, but seriously, I’d been looking forward to this for a while, so it’s crazy to think it’s already come & gone now.

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    Ahhh – so glad you had such a good weekend with girlfriends. All the wine & all the laughter – that’s the best way to do a weekend!!! & Yeah – you needed that pin. That’s so funny 🙂

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