My Favorite Hidden Ways to Work Out

Spring is just around the corner (or has it been here since the beginning of February?) & the weather is going to start being great again. It got me thinking of other ways besides running to get out there & get a good sweat in!

Running is not for everyone, but that’s not an excuse or a reason to not find other ways to get off the couch & burn some calories. My favorite kind of work outs are the ones where I don’t realize I’m working out, amiright? Here are a few of my favorite hidden ways to move:

  • Rock climbing
  • Trampoline park
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Roller blading
  • Yoga (take your mat outside when it’s nice out!)
  • Biking
  • Laser tag

You’re probably thinking… laser tag?! Yup. There’s even fitness benefits there. Although most places you’re not allowed to run, it’s still good cardio because you’re moving fast & your heart races from the adrenaline! You’re also doing a lot of crouching down & behind corners & walls (squats, anyone?) I know I’m always a sweaty mess after a few games!

Do I have any Florida readers out there? I stumbled upon CQ Tactical Laser Tag facility (okay, I’m fibbing, my brother is the GM. I may be biased, but the stellar reviews on Facebook don’t lie!) when I was down visiting my brother last summer. I had never experienced anything like it!


The general set up is there are two teams, and there are 12 different team based missions available inside and outside (yep! There’s even an outdoor course – where you can run!) They run birthday parties, corporate events, and they’re even open late. Taken from their website, “No matter your age or experience, you’ll be working as a member of a squad….devising and executing a plan to accomplish your mission within the time limits.  You and your squad members need to stay alert, while moving from room to room, avoiding obstacles and taking enemy fire every step of the way.” How fun does that sound?! You play for a solid 90 minutes & these games can get pretty intense. Cardio, some muscle work, & adrenaline pumping… sign me up.


I had to put my brother in here – he’s in the front 🙂 #proudsister

What are some of your favorite hidden ways to get in a workout? Share ’em here, let’s get a big list going! And if you’re ever in the Tampa, FL area.. check out CQ Tactical Laser Tag  & get your sweat on having fun!


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