Friday Five 3.10.17

This week was kind of blah, in all honesty. My mood has been less than stellar, work has been stressful, & I’ve just been all around not feeling too great. So even though I don’t have many favorites from the week, I am forcing myself to find 5 things that I enjoyed. Because, positivity.

friday five blog

1. Thank God for Discover Weekly on Spotify. I found William Singe & he does all of these amazing R&B covers. I’m obsessed. My two favorites: Work and Hotline Bling but truthfully they’re all so good.

2. I got out of class early twice this week. My Anatomy 2 professor wasn’t in the mood for lab (neither were we) & my Public Speaking professor only ever keeps us an hour. So I was able to come home & relax a little catching up on some TV. It is so nice having teachers that don’t keep you until 9:30pm.

3. Survivor started on Wednesday night! I haven’t watched all the seasons religiously, but this one is called “Game Changers” & it’s basically all-stars of people who have played before. I always find that exciting because these players have a history with the game & with the others. 500 episodes! I can’t believe it’s been on for so long.


4. The weather has been super beautiful in the afternoons this week. Comfortable temperatures & blue skies. That will quickly change this weekend – as we’re supposed to get a couple inches of snow. Just in time for my 8 mile long run on Saturday. Womp, womp.

5. Okay, so this isn’t this week BUT daylight savings is this SUNDAY!!! Which means more daylight after work. I absolutely cannot wait. I will finally feel like a normal human being again! And the fact that I’ve woken up every day this week to the sun & birds chirping has just been simply fantastic.

There, I did it! It wasn’t easy. But, 5 favorite, good things that happened this week. What about you guys? Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Friday Five 3.10.17

  1. Cheryl says:

    Happy Friday my dear daughter!!! I thought the week went fast (again) and for that I am grateful! We are seeing King Kong tonight (in 3D no less)…how awesome is that? (not)
    Getting together with our camping group tomorrow night for dinner…pre-season before we start camping again! That’s always a great time. Have a good run tomorrow and watch out for slippy streets! Love you!

  2. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    UGH I felt sort of blah this week too. I am excited for more daylight in the evening, but kind of bummed it’ll be dark again in the mornings for a bit longer. I love waking up to sunshine, or at least DAYLIGHT.

    And I’m going to a fish fry for dinner tonight – so no cooking & NO cleanup, which is always a good thing.

  3. Rebecca Jo says:

    I LIVE for the time change… light late… my world is complete again.
    I ADORE Survivor… I think I only missed like 2 seasons. I’m already loving this season just after the first night. So many favorites back!!!

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