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Happy April, my friends 🙂 It’s finally spring which means we’re that much closer to SUMMER. The next couple of months are going to be pretty crazy – I can’t promise I’ll always be here to update you guys but I will do my BEST. Don’t fret – my own personal journal over on my Instagram will always be updated if you need your Ciara fix 🙂

Planning: Nothing at the moment! Although I would really love to plan a trip down to see my brother in Tampa.

Listening to: As I’m writing this: “Independent Woman Pt 1” – Destiny’s Child. Such a classic

Drinking: Coffee, water, & nuun.

Watching: I just finished 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It was raw, real, & sometimes really difficult to watch. I remember being bullied a lot in middle/high school & some parts of the show really hit home for me. Bullying is a major issue still & I fear for my future children…. Regardless, everyone should watch this show including kids who are currently in high school. It’s a pretty big eye-opener & it’s very powerful.


Eating: all the junk food lately, it seems. Getting back on the healthy horse for April.

Looking forward to: Pittsburgh marathon weekend! My best friend from back home is coming in to run with me & I can’t wait! She is in for a REAL treat.

Loving: life! I have a lot of happy things going on. 🙂

March goals recap:

  • Put at least $200 in savings NOPE
  • Stay consistent with running mileage (I’d like to get in 55 miles!) NOPE

March ended up being a harder month than I anticipated. A lot of trips & things that needed paid for + some pretty low mileage when it came to running. I plan to make April better.

April goals:

  • Consistent work-outs
  • Consistent runs
  • Finish spring semester strong


What have you been currently up to?


4 thoughts on “currently | april

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    I felt like a chicken with my head cut off, running around the whole month of March. I also just spent a BAZILLION dollars the past 2 days. A few plane tickets for weddings + a bridesmaid dress + final payments on some wedding stuff + some new running shorts because nobody likes chub rub. So, I pretty much just want to sit in a hole & bury my credit cards. I guess I’m glad I’m not the only one?

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